Clam Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Clams

Did you dream about clams? Clam in dreams relates to some type of confidential or important secret. Another person may be stubborn or keen to keep that information private. If you are able to pry open that hard shell, you might be able to access important insight that will be profitable. Consider how and where you are interacting with clams to get better dream meanings.

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Dream About Eating Clam

Eating Clam
Eating clams in the dream, foretells that you will encounter certain secrets or confidential information. Make good use of that inside information can be highly lucrative.

Cooking Clam
Cooking clam in the dream, indicates that you need to open up to a professional or someone that you trust. Perhaps be open to your personal details with a lawyer or accountant. As they could offer you important advice that will be profitable.

Clam Chowder
Clam chowder in the dream is a sign that you need to understand a balanced life. Enjoy life with milk, potato, onion, and clam. Do not focus too heavily on any part of it. Life is about planning and simmering like a perfectly cooked clam chowder.

Dream About Clam in Nature

Clams Attacking
Dream about clam attacking or biting you, suggests that you are being unnecessarily secretive about something. Consider being more open about your own thoughts and ideas to others.

Clam Inside Sand at the Beach
To dream about clam hiding at the beach deep in the sand or mud, indicates that you are being too distant and remote from others. You are hiding away your true feelings and emotions, consider share more with your coworkers and family.

Dream About Getting or Farming Clam

Collecting and Looking for Clam
To dream that you are collecting and looking for clams, foretells that you will influence people with great insights. You are gathering up scattered information so that you could derive at certain conclusions. You are gaining experience to become an expert in your field of business.

Digging for Clam
To dream that you are digging for clam, is a sign that you are overcoming someone’s stubbornness or unwillingness to cooperate. You are gaining understanding about rejections that you receive in waking life.

Farming Clam
Dreaming about farming clam, indicates that you are gathering true feedback from people around you. You will soon get a better understanding of you and your organization. Work harder to seek true opinions of what others think of you.

Dream About Clam’s Appearances

Big Giant Clam
A big giant clam in the dream reflects some type of protective ego. You or someone will be reluctant to admit their mistakes and be vulnerable.

Spoiled or Rotten Clam
Dreaming about spoiled or rotten clam, refers to burglary and ungratefulness. You will miss out delicious opportunities and end up with sour taste or even an upset stomach. Be aware of “insider tips” that you get from people. They could be rotten and will cause you to lose money and health.

Open Clam
To dream about open clam, suggests that you need to deliver your messages clearly. Do not close up your feelings and get involved with the world.

Closed Clam
If the clam is closed in the dream, it suggests that you are an introvert, emotionally cold, and withdrawn. You are shutting people out and keeping all of your problems alone. You have a fear of being seen for your true self.

Dream About Parts of Clam

Clam Shell
Clam shells in dreams symbolize marriage or links between people. Perhaps you are forming a romantic and intimate relationship with another. And you will be able to share your deepest secrets with him or her. However, you will need great patience and effort.

Clam Pearl
Seeing a pearl inside a clam, indicates that you have the ability to siphon energy and wisdom during hard times. You will rest, relax, and create inner motivation and peace that is unique to yourself. You will take time to transition and master your own emotions. Soon you will obtain inner beauty and perfection.

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