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  1. i saw a dream where me and my wife are walking in sea till waist. and m collecing necklases of pearl from sea and putting it in one mud pot which is carried by my wife. and whenever i am searching for pear necklace everytime i will be getting new necklace. and its contnues going on and i found many necklace.

  2. i saw a dream where my wife and my walking in sea yoll waiste then sudden i gave him mud pot to carry and i start finding sometinh from bottom of sea and i founf peral
    necklace and everytime i put my end i found new necklace

    please intrepret.

  3. I had a dream last night were I was at a fortune teller in a room were I had to see her in a tent made of silk scarves and she handed me a bar of white soap and ask me if I could feel if there was a small pearl in it I felt something then picked it out and It fell on the ground then we both looked at each other and I side woke up! It was very vivid!!

  4. I saw a dream my ex-husband got lots of pearls and he broke the one pearl in half and he gave me half black pearl. What is that mean?

  5. In my dreams, a woman gave me a large white pearl attached on a ring. She told me that I can have it. Around the pearl there were small diamonds. I asked her is it real. She said, the diamonds are not real but the pearl is.

  6. Last night in my dream I saw a mermaid, she was trying to tell me something which i was not able to understand. Then I asked her to show me a pure pearl . Then she comment one lady to show me a pure pearl then it was a pair of earrings then I wanted to look or took in my hand then turns into ring !! Then after sometime she show a necklace n I don’t remember exactly but I think she gave it to me . So I really wanna know the meaning of this dream ?.

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