Roller Coaster Dream Meaning – Top 4 Dreams About Roller Coasters

Did you dream about roller coasters? Roller Coasters in dreams relate to the changes that you have in life. They reflect the emotions that you have while going through those changes. The feeling typically relates to a mixture of both fear and excitement at the same time. The dream can sometimes relate to Amusement Park settings to sign that you are not having enough fun. Find a detailed analysis of roller coaster dreams now.

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Dream About Seeing Roller Coasters

To interpret the roller coaster dream, try to correlate the direction of the roller coast with your waking life condition.

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For example, a rising roller coaster may represent you trying hard to prepare for a major product launch.

The falling and dropping phase may relate to a slow down phase of your life, especially if you feel extreme fear in the dream.

Going through sharper turns on the roller coaster in the dream and banging your head; suggest that your life is getting worse and you have a major headache going through them.

To dream a complete roller coaster ride with ups and downs; represents the ups and downs you may experience with your life.

Another dream meaning of a roller coaster might be that the roller coaster is there to notify you of changes in your friendships or relationships. Have a partner that you have been on and off with? Or a friend that has flaked on you too many times recently? Then this might be the reason that you are dreaming of roller coasters.

Dream About Roller Coaster Crash

Dreams that focus on the roller coaster crash suggest sudden and abrupt changes in your life. Unlike a Car Accident dream, where it usually refers to your own actions, a roller coaster accident usually relates to someone else’s lack of due diligence. Perhaps the dream is reflecting some dangerous situations where your work is providing you. It may be a warning sign that maintenance and safety measures are not being done appropriately.

Finally, since you typically experience great emotional changes on the roller coaster ride. Dreaming about a roller coaster crash can also suggest a complete loss of control of your fearful emotions. Disasters may come while you are feeling excited about certain actions. Be careful about doing activities that get you excited.

Dream About Falling Out of Roller Coaster

Falling out of the roller coaster inside the dream; suggests that you have lost control of your waking life’s experience, usually by force after your own mistakes.

To make sense out of this dream scenario, consider the following example.

You feel fearful about an upcoming test or exam, so you decided to cheat on it instead. However, you got caught cheating (roller coaster crashing) and got expelled from the school (falling out of the ride).

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