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  1. I have had this dream many times where I am waiting for a long time to get on a ride and by the time I get to the front and it’s my turn. I never get on. Or the people I’m with don’t want to get on anymore. Or something has just been messed up. Please interpret this for me.

  2. So I’ve had 3 rollercoaster derailment dreams the past 2 months… each of which I always spectate the coaster from afar and then I get next to it soon after. Once I get up close I can see people’s faces as they are getting on and I can see their reactions during the ride. This time, I could the reaction of the people dying, again, watching them hit walls, the sudden impact, cars on top of cars… this time it was during the evening/ night time… help..

  3. It was a very long random dream and I never look dreams up but this has me thinking it had mean something a lot of random shit happened but I was on my own In the end just about to get onto the ride and I bumped into my mates mum a few people back so I went back and started chatting. I missed the ride that was just leaving but someone’s foot. Was on fire as they flew over us so I screamed stop the ride!! The ride stopped and started to go backwards then some how the pods people was in started to fly all over smashing into people the funfair? Really bad and quite scary I ran over and was going to start recording but couldn’t find my phone then I woke up? I struggle to sleep as it is Lord knows how I’ll sleep now

  4. I had a dream tht me n my old school riend got in to a local train n suddenly it truns into roller caster n railway track sudden goes through sand n goes up.. N there is no track there its like the track ends there n the train have to jump to get on the other site
    suddenly i could feel i was half awake

    A little later im dreaming tht i got hold on the track on the opposite side

  5. Im due to go to a theme park on Wednesday and I normally love rides but for some reason I keep dreaming of being in a rollercoaster crash which is terrifying me.

  6. My dream last night got me really shaken up. I’m really into dreams and meanings, but this one has really really got me freaked out.. At a water park/amusement park on the shore of the ocean.. With my boyfriend and friends and nobody seems interested in my company or what I want to do. I’m being ignored and forgotten.. We walk up to this biiiiiiiig ride, the kind that shoots up and down. I tell everyone I don’t wanna go on it. We’re standing at the bottom of it, and the ride is in the water, so when it comes down, it hits the water, and a thousands of feet tall wave forms and splashes everyone. I remember it’s really cloudy, super dark clouds. And the waves were really intimidating and really really scared me.. We did this for about 2 hours. My boyfriend turns to me and says I have a surprise for you, but makes me wait a while till I find out the surprise is going on the ride.. I continue to tell them I don’t want to and how scared I am but no on cares. So we board the ride. You sit in a chair with a large donut swimming tube around your waist. We shoot up into the sky, and that part isn’t so bad. But when we don’t stop is when I get really freaked out. Next thing I know we’re in space. Just darkness and silence around us. Everyone’s laughing and clapping and I’m shaking and freaking out. The ride flips us upside down somehow and keeps us like that for about twenty minutes. I feel my butt slipping out of my seat.. Suddenly people’s things start to fall.. The girl next to me drops her phone, other people drop random items such as a comb and another phone and a bottle, then I feel my flip flops start to flip off. I try my hardest to keep them on my feet , but I can’t and they slowly, very slowly, slip off. I can feel myself losing grip on them.. The ride flips us back the right way and one of my buckles comes undone.. I start yelling to everyone end they’re all very concerned. My boyfriend tells to buckle it back in, people don’t know what to do, worried that theirs will come undone. I then start to really think about what’s gonna happen when I fall. Will I float? Can I somehow hang on? But what about when we go back to earth I’m just gonna slam to the ground..? I have a tequila bottle in my hand so I drop that, I slide my butt into the seat a little bit and I feel some comfort in that. But next thing I know, I’m floating away. Everything is gone. My friends. My shoes, my tequila, my home. My planet. I’m just floating in blackness. And then all of a sudden I’m back on earth. Watching the ride come back down to the water. Kind of like a vision of myself on the ride.. Like those movies… It ends there. I wake up completely fucking terrified. That’s the only emotion I feel..

  7. My roller coaster dream was so strange. I was on this roller coaster with my mom and there was a giant giraffe figure within the roller coaster that sprayed slime on people as they went by. My mom said that this roller coaster is how my dad got his nickname..? (He really doesn’t have a nickname) And so we went through the roller coaster and got sprayed with slime. Honestly it was a really lame roller coaster. It was so slow. And then after we got out of the roller coaster I felt something wet in my shoes. I thought it might be the slime so I took off my shoes and it wasn’t slime. It was blood. Three of my toes were missing and I started screaming to my mom about it and she didn’t even care. She was just on her phone talking to someone. (My mom never cares about me in my dreams) And I’m screaming like mom look at my freaking toes! And then my mom just finally notices me but she doesn’t notice my cries of fear. She just points and says to me. “Do you see it over there? That giant pear is where they have birthday parties!” Yes there was a giant revolting looking pear statue in the distance. But idk It was strange.

  8. I had a dream that I was on a roller coaster with my daughter and sister. My sister flew out of the roller coaster but my daughter and I continued on the ride and we were fine. What on EARTH does that mean?

  9. I dream about roller coasters and Cedar Point Amusement Park pretty consistently on a monthly basis. It has nothing to do with how my life is going. I dream about roller coasters and Cedar Point Amusement Park because I LOVE roller coasters and I LOVE Cedar Point. What bothers me the most about my dreams is that my brain doesn’t get the roller coasters exactly right or Ohio exactly right.I wake up thinking, “wait a minute, that was wrong.”

  10. So I’ve had this dream a couple times in a row… So I was having fun on the roller coaster then I just flew out, I hung on a bar of the roller coaster car, and then I let go, then I just survived.. why is my mind like this….😑

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