Werewolf Dream Interpretation

Seeing a werewolf or a wolf man in your dreams warns something or someone around you is not as it seems. It is a telling sign that you need to know the other person or even yourself more. If the werewolf is alone and doing nothing in the dream, it suggests that you or someone is going through a tough period. Although at this time this person may want to be on their own and left alone, the dream foretells that the resulting transformation may be an unpleasant and antisocial one. The person may end up exhibiting characteristics of a wolf such as the wolf dream.

Dream About Yourself Turning into a Werewolf
The dream signals that you are overindulging yourself with certain bad habits like lottery gambling or alcoholism. You feel like you are another person when you are spending all of your effort, energy, and resources on those habits. The dream reflects that you are trying very hard to hide these habits from your close family and friends. However, they are increasingly getting more serious which land you in deep trouble.

Dream About Significant Others or Ex Turning Into a Werewolf
Dreaming about significant others in your current or past life turning into werewolf, such as husband/wife or exes, reflects forms of aggression, fear, and repressed anger. It suggests that you believe the relationship is abusive and those people can be dangerous to you.

Dream About Being Bitten or Attacked by A Werewolf
To dream of another werewolf attacking, biting you, and you end up converting into a werewolf. This is a dream message letting you know that someone is not who they present themselves to be. Some person in your life has a dark side that they’re hiding. However, by being close with that person, they will end up converting you as well. Your life may spin out of control too when you take on the dark and bad habits yourself.

Dream About Being Chased by Werewolf
Werewolves in a chasing dream typically represent sex and sexuality. To be chased by werewolf can symbolize wild sexual fantasies. However, the fling can be a dangerous, destructive, and short term. By being less inhibited about your decisions, you may lose other side of life precious to you. Perhaps you are feeling sexually attracted towards forbidden relationships such as affair.

Dream About a Pack of Werewolves
Dreaming of a pack of werewolves can be symbolic of erratic, wild behavior, and life style. It suggests that you are tired of your mundane life, and you want to dig deeper to find more exciting things. In some ways, you envy those who seem to have more exciting life style and career choices. However, you feel conflicted by despising those others at the same time. You feel a love/hat emotion towards other ways of life that seem distant to you.

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