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  1. I like the interpretations here on warewolves. But the dream I had had some specifics that I believe are important. Maybe someone who reads this can offer me some helpful insight.
    The begins with me talking to a woman, in. Her home. A very large extravagant home. I was advising her that we were not prepared to protect ourselves when the tbe warewolves come.
    (I feel at this point they are an ongoing occurance in this location. I am also predicting an eminant danger. Which I will soon discover. I do feel a sense of urgency at this time.)
    Now, she dismisses me and my concerns. That very night they come. I realize now that I had a premonition. I can screams from all around as people are being ripped apart. I find a room that I have to pass through 3 doors to enter. And as I pass through each I close and lock it. Once in the room I know I’m frightened but that isn’t what I’m feeling. Then for whatever reason I leave my safety to venture out into the house. They have breached. There is a pack of about 20. They look like regular wolves only demonic. I get back to my room locking each door. Only to discover there is a closet with a door at the far side. It is open. A little more happens after this they leave but then return towards dawn. It seems they are seeking a specific person. And here is where I wake.
    (It is uncommon for me to remember my dreams esp with this much continuity and clarity. )

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