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  1. I like the interpretations here on warewolves. But the dream I had had some specifics that I believe are important. Maybe someone who reads this can offer me some helpful insight.
    The begins with me talking to a woman, in. Her home. A very large extravagant home. I was advising her that we were not prepared to protect ourselves when the tbe warewolves come.
    (I feel at this point they are an ongoing occurance in this location. I am also predicting an eminant danger. Which I will soon discover. I do feel a sense of urgency at this time.)
    Now, she dismisses me and my concerns. That very night they come. I realize now that I had a premonition. I can screams from all around as people are being ripped apart. I find a room that I have to pass through 3 doors to enter. And as I pass through each I close and lock it. Once in the room I know I’m frightened but that isn’t what I’m feeling. Then for whatever reason I leave my safety to venture out into the house. They have breached. There is a pack of about 20. They look like regular wolves only demonic. I get back to my room locking each door. Only to discover there is a closet with a door at the far side. It is open. A little more happens after this they leave but then return towards dawn. It seems they are seeking a specific person. And here is where I wake.
    (It is uncommon for me to remember my dreams esp with this much continuity and clarity. )

    • if they were looking for something it could have been a mate lol but it could also mean that someone in uour life is in danger

  2. i had a dream where i think i was in russia under child and family services, tehy said i was there bc of that and would only be staying for a while (which i mean thats what hey do and transport u to another home) and me and my buddy were staying there fro a week or so i believe and we were getting to know the locals and they were just acting really weird then this really cute girl came in to the picture and i wanted to get to know her so i was with her for a couple of days then i was at the store ( and remind u the surroundings looked rough like as if they are like a town thats under war on their own ground so it looks rough all round) then i went and talked to this one local who seemed like he was cool then he told me something about were wolves eating so i was like whatever then i started to see sign and shit and i lowkey was falling for that girl and then i heard a rumour round town they were gonna eat me and my buddy then i woke up. if anyone had a a dream relatable to this please contact me

  3. I had a dream about me becoming a werewolf like it was the full moon but it was day. We were at my grandmas house and me me and my bigger cousin get out so i can transform. So i start hearing my bones cracking and then i suddenly stop bc i see my mom coming. And then i woke up and i told myself i was watching waayy to many teen wolf so i got up and went to brudh my teeth.
    As i was brushing my teeth I saw like a bruise / hickey on my arm and it was like specific place where my bone crack when I was dreaming.

  4. I had a dream about a mate, it’s nothing like anything described here, and maybe someone could help me? I dreamed of a dark haired man, a werewolf like my self. And we were wrestling and play fighting on a bed, I think it started of erotic but then ended very playful. We made a bang and then my mother came in scolding him until I told her I was the one who had attacked him “attacked “. To which she smiled and then the dream changed, he was supposed to marry another woman from another pack, But we stopped it and said they can’t, we’re mates, and again everyone was happy and relieved as the other woman was pregnant from another guy. Dream shifts again and we’re in my old town, he’s never besides me but slightly ahead of me, he loves to sing and play around with everyone, I remember smiling as I was following him, but I couldn’t sing so I howled as best as I could (as his howling was beautiful and heart wrenching) so I tried to match it, he stopped at the top of the hill and smiled really warmly and told me I was lucky he understood why I howled, as the humans all thought I was weird, but he liked my howl.
    And then I started to wake up, I had two aunts and I was begging them to pinch me, to prove I wasn’t dreaming. But what they did didn’t hurt so I KNEW it was real, and when I woke up I was actually upset. I was just curious as to what it could all mean, I don’t think this is the first time I dreamt of the man.

  5. Hi..I had a dream today with werewolf and it was like I was living the dream.I dreamed that I was in a car with a priest and other persons and we went somewhere and I saw a church.Then We were in a street right through from the church and it became night.I saw some young guys in front of us with black clothes and they were playing and jumping in a truck.The one of them fell in the street.I was pregnant and I get out of the car and went to help him.I couldnt walk fast I had big belly and the baby was kicking me.Then it became day and I sas a very thin werewolf.I could see his bones.He was ready to attack me and I saw a little horse to bite him and a dog I think.They didnt left him to come close to me.The I ran to the car and the car was parked without humans inside it.I did it and I get to the care,after running with that werewolf…. Whats that means????

  6. i had a dream where there was a giant young werewolf. one lone gray wolf. in my dream the werewolf went back to the house where my children live, laid down and shifted into a blonde haired girl. i could not tell which of my daughters it shifted into, I have two blonde haired daughters. It never lifted its head to show me before i woke up. but it was definitely one of my girls. she was not afraid, just curled up in a ball after shifting. any explanation to this would be wonderful

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