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  1. Thanks for this! I have been very confused by this one recurring dream I have that in a nearby museum and this cleared a couple of things up. The rest I have no idea what it means.

    So it starts out in a room full of different rocks and minerals. It is a square room with a display case along each wall and three long and rectangular display cases in the middle of the room which is sunken in with an extra step the people randomly put there.
    There are four doors in this room. I come in from somewhere into the upper left hand corner of the room, and the opposite corner, the lower right hand corner, has a door on each wall leading into darkness. A door on the right wall leads into another room.
    I walk to the right wall door into a room that is identical to the one before, except the display cases are filled with various types of feathers that have an aura of being pulled from a live bird. At this point, I feel as if I have lost track of how many of these rooms I have been in.
    I go and look at the closest case, which has feathers, in groups, in this color order: red, pink, black, blue, yellow, grey, white. I look up from the display case, and everything in the cases around me are gone, but they have been replaced by disembodied eyes. (Freaky, I know)
    I walk towards the next exit, and the eyes seem to follow me, even though they have no means of actually doing so, seeing as they don’t have any muscles surrounding them to aid in the movement.
    When I go through the next exit, I’m outside. There is a huge wooden playground over to my right (like one in my grandma’s town) being glared out by the sun, and in front of me, a tiny wooden shed. The tiny wooden shed opens, and a long row of people march out, emotionless and robotic.
    Next thing I know it, I’m back at the entrance to the museum, except… It’s not the same. The hallway leading to the IMAX theater stretches seemingly endlessly forward.
    I am compelled to enter a room that was not there before, and when I do, I see, even through the pitch blackness, that it is a small theater, unlike the IMAX one.
    I sit in one of the seats, and a video begins to play. This video is of course about Sandhill Cranes (I live in Midwestern America, so they’re all the rage here). There is footage of them dancing and flying and playing with their babies with nice elevator-style music in the background.
    Suddenly, the screen glitches out and the whole place goes black again. Then the technical difficulties screen slowly appears, as does a peircing dial-tone-esque wail from out of nowhere. Then the cranes are back on the screen, but there is something off about them, but I couldn’t tell what.
    Then the footage shows the birds and random people being decapitated and there are high pitched screaming noises and some angry male voice and horrifying images beging flashing and the colors begin changing that the screen begins to warp out of shape and when it turns red, black writing zips by it so fast I can’t read it.
    The screen then finally turns black and I book it out of there, running down the endless hallway. Just when I think I can see the end, I am back at the beginning. This loop happens three or four times before I wake up, utterly confused.

    Does anyone possibly have an explanation for all of this weirdness?

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