Clay Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Clay

Did you dream about clay? Clay represents creativity, flexibility, and the ability to shape your mind during tough times. Similar to a poop dream, you will be able to mold yourself into a profitable situation. Manipulate things to your advantage. Consider how you are doing and what you are making with clay in the dream. Take note of the different context to help you fully understand the dream.

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Dream About Interaction with Clay

Eating Clay
Eating clay in the dream is a bad sign. You will fall into gossip and scandal while trying to make money or a name for yourself. The stress or troubles will build up and eventually destroy your well-being.

Walking in Clay
Walking in clay in the dream is a sign that you will soon get involved in a messy affair or scandal. Be careful when you deal with people of the opposite sex in a professional setting.

Working with Clay
Dreaming that you are working with clay; it indicates that you need to set goals and plans for yourself. You are molding projects into your vision. Do not be disappointed if things do not turn out the way you want now. You still have the chance and opportunity to make changes.

Breaking Clay
To dream that you are breaking clay made projects; it lead to various financial troubles from unsafe investment or decisions. Perhaps you are not being flexbile about how you are spending your money. Instead of cutting your losses, you will suffer total destruction of your wealth.

Dream About Clay Material and Big Clay

Clay Road
Clay road or alley in the dream represents that you will receive much advice that will impact your decisions. Be aware of the decisions that you make. As they have a long-lasting impact that can have serious consequences. Try to consider more and verify the sources and conflicts of interest before you proceed.

Clay Soil or Dirt
To dream about clay soil or dirt is similar to a mud dream. However, the material of clay foretells that you have the ability to turn negative thoughts into positive results. Consider recycling dream, you can turn common objects into amazing projects.

Clay House
Clay house in the dream forewarns about life’s setbacks. You will soon suffer failures and losses. Accept your shortcomings and make the best out of the situation. You will not necessarily become homeless, but you will take a hit in your standard of living. Learn to be more frugal and practical moving forward.

Dream About Clay Objects

Clay Face or Clay Mask
To dream that you are using a clay mask or clay face; foretells that you will take actions to mold your image. Particularly you will try not be appear wealthy, instead, you focus on your own inner beauty and health. When the time is right, you will let your skin shine.

Clay Lamp
A clay lamp points to artistic or ideas of self expression. Although other people are trying to shape your ideas and opinions. You hold true to certain ideas or light that cannot be easily changed by others.

Clay Plate and Dishes
To dream about clay plate or dishes; it foretells that you will receive certain types of favors or even bribes. People will offer some things of value in order to change your mind about something.

Clay Pot
A clay pot in the dream signifies health, virtue, and purity. You will focus on your own personal health.

Clay Statue
To see a clay statue; it suggests that your mind will soon become tired and rigid. Other people will try to force you into submission. You will be asked to conform to others instead of thinking for yourself.

Clay Vase or Pottery
To dream about clay pottery or face, it points to insecurity and precarious situation in life. You are trying very hard to hold onto your assets.

Water-Based Clay
Water-based clay or soft clay in the dream; it symbolizes that you are too gullible and easily persuaded. Be aware of losing sight of your beliefs and ideals.

Dream About Clay Colors

Red Clay
Red clay is the color of passion. You will have romance and satisfaction that will be easily molded. However, be aware that the relationship is not based on money or material desires.

Black Clay
Black clay in the dream portends to difficulties with cash. You might run into short term cash troubles and obstacles. Make sure that you have enough saving to last through the hard periods.

White Clay
White clay in the dream points to argument. An unpleasant impression or memory will soon get in the way of your relationship. Try to accept other people’s imperfections going forward.

Green Clay
Green clay points to emotional need and growth. You want to build something more durable with someone.

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