Dragonfly Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Dragonfly

Did you dream about dragonflies? Dragonfly in your dream symbolizes change, regeneration, transition, and transformation. You are always on the go from places to places. Your intentions and actions are pure and to the point. Below we will go through deeper dream interpretation for dragonflies in different contexts and situations.

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Dream About Dragon Actions

Dragonfly Flying
A dragonfly flying aimlessly in the dream represents instability and flightiness. Be aware if you are handling your tasks and projects just because you want to do something. It might be the process of your work that gives you joy and happiness. Even if you do not end up with concrete results.

If a dragonfly is flying past water like swimming pool or pond lake, is a sign of an upcoming journey. The adventure will most likely result in vain. However, enjoy the journey itself as you will discover important information about your own spirituality.

Searching and Looking for Dragonfly
To dream that you are looking and searching dragonfly, indicates that you are looking for motivation and hope that propels you forward.

Catching Dragonfly
To dream that you are catching or trying to catch a dragonfly with insect nets, suggests that you should analyze your deep feelings and emotions. Really understand what you are feeling. So that you could make the right decisions moving forward. You are capturing the control of your inner thoughts.

Eating Dragonfly
To dream that you are eating dragon flies, indicates that you are consumed by your personal motivation and desires. You run the risk of offending or hurting other people for your own selfish purposes.

Dream About Dragonfly Appearances

Big Giant Dragonfly
A big, giant, large, or huge dragonfly in the dream, suggests that you are very emotional and passionate about your beliefs. You understand your own spirituality and you are learning to balance your emotions and thoughts.

Dragonfly Wings
Dragonfly wings in the dream indicate that your dreams and hopes are highly sensitive in nature. Although you try to be transparent with your thoughts and intentions, you are afraid of getting hurt.

Dead Dragonfly
Dead dragonfly in the dream signifies that someone has hurt you in a cold and heartless way. You have lost your passion and inspiration to tackle any obstacles. You are full of doubts about yourself and your ability to deal with problems.

Dragonfly Tattoo
A dragonfly tattoo in the dream, lets you know that personal transformation and changes are coming. You want to label yourself as a changed person. And you want everyone in the world to know about your feelings and desires for personal growth. You will see things deeper beyond the limits of your mind and body.

Two Dragonflies
Seeing two dragonflies foretells that you will meet someone with similar interest. You will enjoy spending time and sharing hobbies that you both feel passionate about.

Dream About Dragonfly Colors

Colorful Dragonfly
Colorful dragonfly in the dream points to good luck. You will be able to use many opportunities that will appear in front of you. You will be at the right place at the right time.

Gold Dragonfly
Gold dragonfly in the dreams foretells good fortune. You will soon land on good and profitable business prospects.

White Dragonfly
White dragonfly in the dream suggests that it is time for you to express your true colors. Be open and transparent about what you feel or think. You will end up with good results.

Black Dragonfly
Black Dragonfly in the dream indicates that something in your life may not appear as it seems. Look deeper beneath the surface to understand people’s motivation and intentions.

Blue Dragonfly
The blue dragonfly in the dream relates to illusion and mysticism.

Brown Dragonfly
Brown dragonfly relates to maturity and practicality. You will be able to handle the stress of life.

Green Dragonfly
The green dragonfly in the dream denotes your ability to adapt. It is time to see the bigger picture of life so that you could resolve the issues.

Red Dragonfly
The red dragonfly in the dream is a warning that you need to avoid toxic people. Some people in your life may be passionate and inspiration, but their message may not suit you.

Pink Dragonfly
To dream about green dragonfly, is a sign that you need to be observant towards your environment. Be aware of other people as someone is looking for an opportunity to set you up.

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