Pump Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Pump

Did you dream about pumps? Pump in the dream indicates that you are artificially pumping into your untapped energy and force. You are working against gravity and the natural order of things, in order to accomplish great feats. Consider the type of pump that you are using. Think about why you are using the pump to get a detailed explanation of the dream meanings. The dream could always be a simple straight reflection of you using the pump in waking life.

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Dream About Using Pumps

Using Pump
Using a pump in the dream, suggests that you are pushing your agenda towards others. You are getting others to do your work. Perhaps you are trying to motivate and inspire others as a coach or good friend. Or maybe you are trying to cheer up the people who may be sad and disappointed in waking life.

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Dream About Pump Troubles

Pump Not Working
Dreams that pump not working, signifies setbacks that might bring a temporary end to your plans. You will be hit with unpleasant surprises and aspects of your life deviating from the norm. Something or someone whom you count on may be broken down. And you will have to find alternative plans or solutions to your problems.

Pump Being Blocked
To dream about the pump being blocked and flow being interrupted, symbolizes health issues. Specifically, it may be analogous to the heart or artery issues. Be aware of heart attack or stroke in your family in the coming days.

Leaking Pump
To dream about a pump leaking liquid or air, portends bad fortune in business. You will consistently have money flowing out as spending or waste mount. Your business dealings are not effective and you are likely to fail. Your employees or colleagues may be sabotaging and pulling you back from your success.

Dream About Different Types of Pumps

Air Compressor Pressure Pump
To dream about using an air compressor as a pressure pump, is a good sign. Your business and reputation will prosper because you will be able to build momentum and brand. You will be able to use your influence to convince and move projects whenever needed. You do not say or act much, but when you do, things will get done.

Tire Pump
To dream about a tire pump, reflects you need someone to quickly motivate you and inspire you. Perhaps you feel down about your work. You need someone to remind you and refill you of that confidence and self-esteem.

Breast Milk Pump
To see or use a breast pump in your dream suggest your ability to nurture and give love. Perhaps you might be busy with other issues of your life. You want your loved ones to understand that you try to be the best for them.

Gasoline Pump
To see a gas pump, suggests that you will need to pump yourself with certain motivation or energy. Perhaps you no longer feel the urge to continue your work. Consider finding a purpose or a reason to continue your tasks. Your life will be filled with pleasure and profits if you are able to find what drives you.

Blood Pump
Blood pump in the dreams relates to sentiment and fellowship. You are keeping your closed ones close, so that they could provide you warmth and motivation to go on.

Water Pump
The water pump in the dream points to blasted energies and emotions. You are drawing and advancing life forces. You will be able to sustain yourself through hard times.

Dream About Common Pump Terms

Pump and Dump
To dream about pump and dump, portends that you need to be careful from going after the hype. Avoid investments such as cryptocurrency or penny stock that sounds to be true. You may be scammed and duped into fake ideas that are doomed to fail. Others might take advantage of your excitement or worries about certain issues, in order to benefit themselves. Before you enter any contracts or transactions, always lookout for a conflict of interest.

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