Walking Cane Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Canes & Crutches

Did you dream about canes or crutches? Canes and crutches in the dream suggest that you are in need of support and advice. You need to rely on someone whom you can trust. You rely on a certain discipline or authority to help you stand tall and straight. Learn to lean on your principals when the time is tough. You might find yourself being limited or weaker than you would like to be against oppositions. Below we will note more dreams regarding canes.

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Dream About Using Canes

Dream About Fighting with a Cane
To dream about you are using a cane to beat or fight people; it signifies pent up aggression towards others. You feel that other people have betrayed your principles. They have lost the support and respect that you have for them. You are fighting to hold up your dignity when others are bullying and putting you down.

Dream About Walking with Crutches
Walking with crutches or cane in the dream; suggests that you are losing or missing the capability to carry your weight when moving forward. You cannot do every work yourself. Learn to find and lean on supports. Do not hesitate to ask people to help you. You need to initiate the requests. No one is going to help you without you asking.

Dream About Someone Beating You with Cane
To dream of someone beating you with a walking cane or crutch; it suggests that you are being forced into submission or obedience. Particularly, someone is emotionally kidnapping you to be their support. Be aware of elders who guilt-trip you into doing their bidding.

Dream About Different Canes

Dream About Candy Cane
Candy cane in dreams suggests good fortunes may be on the horizon that was not your first choice originally. It could also suggest your mind is occupied with the winter Christmas festivities.

Dream About Walking Cane
A walking cane in the dream could relate to support or tools that help you with your goals. Try to rely on third-party resources to better leverage your goals and movements.

Dream About Broken Walking Cane
Broken walking canes in the dream forewarn that your emotional support or balance is likely to break. People are not be able to stand beside you for your beliefs and well-being. Be prepared to become more self-reliant instead of counting on others.

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