Mermaid Merman Dream Interpretation

To see a mermaid in your dream represents doubts about femininity in general. Generally speaking, dreams of beautiful mermaid in a blissful setting foretells that you will have a great love life and relationship. Consider the setting of the dream … Continue reading →

Witch Dream Interpretation

A witch in a dream represents magical powers that can either stand for good or evil. It may be a ideas that you have regarding your experiences with woman or anything feminine. Depending on your personal experiences, the witch may … Continue reading →

Alien ET Dream Interpretation

Aliens, Extraterrestrial, or ET represents far-fetched ideas and wild imagination in the dreams. If you dream that you are the alien on earth, it represents that you feel different from the rest of the people that you know. You are … Continue reading →

Zombie Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about zombies can be pretty common when you have watched too many zombie related TV shows or movies like The Walking Dead. However, if you dream about zombies without being exposed to zombie images in the waking life. Zombie … Continue reading →