Catacomb Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Catacomb

Did you dream about catacombs? They relate to the puzzling fears that you have buried in the subconscious. You have interlinked ideas or principles that have formed during your earlier years by relatives or parents. The dream indicates that somehow your past or genes have crept to you. You are undergoing certain thoughts or actions. You are seeking some type of understanding to come to terms with your past. Below we will go through other catacomb dream meanings.

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Dream About Being Inside a Catacomb

Trapped Inside Catacomb
Dreaming that you are trapped behind a locked door inside a catacomb; represents a mad descent into the unconscious. You are stuck in your own pasts. You have victimized yourself within your own past. Figure out what is blocking your own mind and freedom. It can also relate to poor health and being hospital bedridden. Watch out for critical situations that are hard to get out of.

Exploring the Catacomb
To dream that you are exploring catacomb grave chambers; foretells that you will spend time to explore past and family relationship. You will soon hit some very hard problems and decisions. And you are trying to look back into the past; to help you find your solutions in the current time.

Collapsing Catacomb
Dreaming that a catacomb cave has collapsed because of an earthquake; is a warning of danger. Your values that have formed throughout the years are under attack. You will have to let go of your past, or adapt to the new normal.

Dream About Catacomb Locations

Catacombs Under a Church
To dream about catacombs underground to a church; suggests that you hold a conservative view of the world. You are dwelling on your past faith and roots. You are not happy or comfortable with how the modern church is steering your beliefs. Your current religious leaders are giving wrong messages or interpretations about the Bible.

Catacombs in a Pyramid
To see catacombs in a pyramid in the dream; indicate that you are dwelling too much on your past success. You are immersed in the glory of the good old days. You are not trying to obtain new achievements or new progression.

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