Tissue Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Tissue Paper

Did you dream about tissue papers? Tissues or napkin indicates that it is time to let go of the past. Wipe off whatever stain that you might have and move on. Confront current and past problems so that you could progress forward. Below we will go over more dream interpretations for tissues and napkins.

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Dream About Different Types of Issues

Dream About Tissue or Napkin Paper Rolls
To dream about paper rolls of tissue or napkin; it points to feelings of insensitivity towards issues. You will quickly jump from problems to problems that are not important. You think many people are disposable once they fulfill their purpose.

Dream About Tissue Box
A tissue box in the dream indicates that you have unforeseen issues that you need to resolve. Watch out for certain scandals and confidential information that have not been made public.

Dream About Actions with Tissue

Dream About Throwing Tissues in Toilet
To dream about throwing tissues into the toilet to clog it; it indicates that you are letting your past clogging up your emotional outlets. Be careful about people whom you have thrown away after using them. They may come back to haunt you some way. Watch out for protests or complaints that will seriously damage your reputation.

Dream About Eating Tissue Paper
Eating tissue paper in the dream; suggests that you have an unhealthy obsession with someone or something. You are consuming all types of news or gossip about someone. Be aware of conspiracy news or outlandish claims.

Dream About Using Tissue Paper
Dreaming that you are using tissue paper like Kleenex; forewarns of illness like the flu or cold. You might suffer sadness or depression. Look out for overwhelming emotional events.

Dream About Wiping Yourself with Toilet Tissue Paper
To see yourself wiping your bottom clean of poop or pee; is a sign that you will miss out on profitable opportunities. Consider moving slowly, so that you do not let go of profitable events.

Dream About Tissue Colors

Dream About White Tissue Paper
A single white tissue paper points to poverty and loneliness. You want to be rescued and taken care of in a bad situation. However, you feel lacking control.

Dream About Red Bloody Tissues
Red bloody tissues in the dream point to someone who is terminally ill like cancer or your own fears of death and sickness. Watch out for serious illness or accident that will take a big chunk out of your body and health.

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