Gloves Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Gloves

Did you dream about gloves? Gloves in the dream represent the way you handle or approach things. You are enhancing or protecting yourself while dealing with the situation. Perhaps you are being cautious, or you are trying to improve your own performance to be up to the task. Consider the type of gloves you are wearing, and the condition of the dreamed gloves to get better dream interpretations.

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Dream About Using Gloves

Wearing Hand Gloves
To see your wearing hand gloves without needing to, means that you are relying too much on outer influences or appearances. Place more focus on your inner creative abilities so that you could generate more ideas and projects.

Gloves Not Fitting
Dreaming that gloves do not fit because they are too small for your hands, suggests that you are not the right person for the job. Perhaps you have too much experience or skills for the work that you have signed up for. However, if the gloves are too big, it suggests that you do not qualify for your job position.

Taking Off Gloves
To see yourself taking off your gloves, foretells that you will show respect to strong rivals and competitors. You acknowledge the worthy skill that your enemies possess. However, you will not quit without a proper fight.

Dream About Getting or Losing Gloves

Receiving Gloves as a Gift
To dream that you get gloves as a gift, is a sign that the gift giver wishes you to participate more. He or she wants your loyalty and cooperation with their plans.

Losing Gloves
Losing gloves in the dream suggests that you are losing control, perspective, and handle of the situation. You are getting too personal to a problem and you have lost protection and objectivity. Perhaps you will no longer be able to handle your business professionally.

Throwing Gloves
To throw gloves at someone or on the floor, suggests that you are challenging and addressing someone about an issue. You are ready to enter into a fight. Perhaps you are contemplating a strike or protest to express your strong negative opinions.

Dream About Types of Gloves

Baseball Glove
To see a baseball glove only in the dream without any other gears or context, suggests that you are having a hard time letting go of the past.

Boxing Gloves
To dream about boxing gloves, indicates that you are preparing for conflicts in the near future. You will soon be ready for an all-out war. You are protecting your knuckles so that you could punish your enemies.

Driving Gloves
To wear driving gloves in the dream, suggests that you need to take control of your life. You are in for the long haul. So that you will do your best to protect your body and mind to continue the journey.

Workout Gloves
Wearing workout or exercise gloves in the dreams, foretells some type of slippery situation is on the horizon. The dream suggests that you need to take better control and grip. Do not afraid to jump in and take the weights and handlebars. You are ready to face the challenge ahead if you train enough for different circumstances.

Leather Gloves
Leather gloves in the dream predict problems and misunderstanding with people around you. You might be hiding your true intention in your dealing with colleagues and employees.

Latex Rubber Gloves
Dreaming about wearing rubber gloves, indicates that you may be asked to do something that you wish not to be personally attached to.

Winter Gloves
To dream about winter gloves that protect you from snow or ice cold, represents the need to carefully handle a situation during a terrible situation. Perhaps your relationship with someone is turning negative. However, you need to keep a positive light and spark to stay warm.

Wedding Gloves
To dream that you are wearing wedding gloves, predicts that a marriage proposal might be in the books.

Other Dreams About Gloves

Glove Box or Glove Compartment
To dream about glove box or glove compartment in the car, represents the need to perfectly protect yourself in times of emergency or car accident. Be prepared for the unexpected, especially if you are traversing a sensitive area of your life.

Many Gloves
To see many gloves lying around, reflect your fears about people getting away with their dishonesty. You believe that people are not doing what they should do. Perhaps they are dropping the ball and being sneaky and good at not showing their lack of responsibility. However, if the gloves are yours, it hints that you might be taking on too many tasks. You are overworking yourself between all the different roles of life.

Broken Gloves
Seeing broken gloves with holes in the dream, suggests that you should be prepared to break up with your partner. You no longer think that your girlfriend or boyfriend is the right one. They have failed you and left you hanging and unprotected.

Baby Gloves
To see baby gloves in the dream, shows sincerity and serious intentions for someone to be pure and happy.

Dream About Colors of Gloves

Black Gloves
Black gloves in dreams point to bad intentions while handling a situation. Be aware of criminals or evil methods. Some people will do whatever it takes to protect themselves at your cost.

Blues Gloves
To dream of blues gloves represent feelings about how you are handling a situation. Perhaps you are dealing with sensitive issues that need to be tread carefully while considering emotions.

Red Glove
Red gloves in the dream show some type of jealousy or envy.

To dream about white gloves, suggests that you need to handle the problem with honesty. Be truthful about what needs to be done.

Green Gloves
Green gloves in the dream, is a symbol of success in business and love affairs.

Gold Gloves
Golden gloves in the dream signify luxury and richness. However, it could also be a warning that you might have impulsive unplanned money spending. Unwise spending might lead to financial problems soon.

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