Bandage Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Bandage

Did you dream about bandage? To dream that you have bandages, indicates that you need some time to heal. You are emotionally wounded and you will try to cover up your injuries. Keep your hurt hidden from others, while recovering yourself. You are trying to avoid irritate your injuries further.

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Dream About Putting on Bandage

Dream About Having and Getting Bandaged
To have and get yourself bandaged up in the dream, indicates that you need some relaxation in your life. You might have stressed yourself in waking life. Take some time out to recoup and fight again another time.

Dream About Wearing Bandages
To wear bandages in the dream, suggests that someone or something has caused you emotional pain. You are hurting on the inside, but you will manage to keep a happy and tidy appearance on the outside. Other people will have hard time to truly understand how much pain that you are experiencing.

Dream to Be Bandaged like a Mummy
Seeing yourself being bandaged in full like a mummy, suggests that someone might be overprotecting with you. He or she might be doing everything to keep you from being hurt. However, at the same time he is restricting your movements and freedom. It could also relate to that you are the person who is holding yourself back.

Applying or Putting Bandage on Someone Else
Dreaming that you are applying and wrapping someone else with bandage, foretells that you will spend time to repair issues in relationship with that individual.

Dream About Removing Bandage

Dream About Removing Bandages
Dreaming that you are removing bandages, indicates that you are ready to attempt again at what has hurt you. You are ready to move on from mental disappointments in the first place. It could lead to trying to fall in love again, or trying certain tests and license again after your initial failures.

Dream About Bandage Falling Off
To dream that your bandage is not tight and is falling off, indicates that a solution to heal does not work. You are not focusing on the right issues and applying the correct strategy to cure your mind and soul.

Dream About Bandage

Dream About Getting Bandage

Dream About Buying Bandage
To buy new bandage in the dream, is a sign that you are expecting emotional or physical pain to happen shortly. Perhaps you are preparing to embark on some risky moves that might involve pain and getting hurt.

Dream About Types of Bandage

Dream About Band Aid Adhesive Bandage
Using band aid or other adhesive bandage in the dream, represents some temporary solutions. You will implement quick fixes to distract yourself from things that bother you. Perhaps you will find things to keep yourself busy. So that you do not have to worry about things or people that actually hurt you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as this can help you focus on other issues. Give yourself time to review your well being when you have more time and energy.

Dream About Dirty Bandage
Dreaming that you are about to use a dirty bandage, is a sign that you might get sick sometime soon. Be aware of people who are trying to help you dealing with your emotional or physical pain. They could be unwillingly cause more sickness and injury. Their methods might be bad and contaminated with more negativity.

Dream About Body Parts Bandaged

Dream About Bandaged Hand
To see your hand being bandaged, is a sign of helpless towards a situation. The dream foretells that you will get hurt from attempting some projects and endeavors. You will get hurt in the process and will need time to recover.

Dream About Bandaged Feet or Knee
To see bandaged feet, leg, or knee, refers to growing pains that you will encounter. Perhaps you are trying to get to too many places and tackle multiple issues. Slow down a bit or you could hurt yourself in the long run.

Dream About Bandage Colors

Dream About White Bandage
A clean white bandage in the dream, is a sign that you are being too cautious and careful. You are taking too long before starting any new action or relationship. Your subconscious is already in fear of getting hurt. That is hindering your ability to open yourself up to others.

Dream About Bloody Bandage
A bloody bandage in your dream is a sign of grief and anger. You are experiencing issues in your romantic life. Specifically, you are letting old wounds affecting how you view others and yourself.

Dream About Yellow Bandage
To see yellow bandages, represents that the risks that you are afraid of taking. You are afraid in regard something negative would happen shortly.

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