Cloud Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Cloud

Did you dream about the cloud? To dream of clouds is generally a metaphor for your way of thinking or self-consciousness. The appearances of the clouds in the dream can signify your state of mind, inner thoughts, spiritual association, and emotions. Below we will go through the most common dream interpretations for clouds.

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Dream About Cloudy Weather

Dream About Cloudy Sky or Cloudy Day
To have a dream focused on the cloudy sky and gloomy day is a sign of your “clouded” or depressed way of thinking. Perhaps you are not looking at the positive side of your current situation. The dream is suggesting that you should make the best out of current clouded situations.

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Dream About Rain Storm Clouds
Dreaming about dark and stormy rain clouds reflects depression and anger. You are holding negative feelings and thoughts inside you. These negative feelings may burst at a later time and may cause inconveniences or even damage.

Dream About Cloudburst
Seeing cloudbursts in the dream suggests an impending eruption of emotions. The dream portends a specific event will occur that will have your emotions pouring out at a specific time and location.

Dream About Funnel Cloud
To see a funnel cloud in your dream symbolizes anger that you are trying to hold back. Be careful about how you release your waves of anger. It might turn into a tornado and deal significant damage to the ones that you care about.

Dream About Phenomenon that Looks like Clouds

Dream About Dust Cloud
A dust cloud in the dream indicates that a critical situation will burden you for a while. The dream foretells that you should avoid making any drastic decisions until the dust settles.

Dream About Gas Cloud
Dreams of gas clouds suggest that you will face certain issues out of your ability nor control. Perhaps there will be events happening at higher-ups in your organization.

Dream About Your Actions with Clouds

Dream About Flying Above Clouds
To fly above clouds on an airplane or even wings in the dream suggests that you need to look higher and beyond your current thoughts. Look beyond the obvious career, education, and relationship goals. The dream suggests that you need to look past all of that. And you will be able to find your true life’s meaning.

Dream About Walking on Clouds
When you dream about walking on clouds, pay attention to your emotion within the dream. Are you worried that you may fall? It may suggest that you are suffering from confusion and anxiety, and you are not feeling secure about your footings. However, if you feel comfortable and at ease, the dream reflects that you have reached a new height in your life’s goals.

Dream About the Movement of Clouds

Dream About Clouds Falling
Dreams of falling or low clouds signify a shroud of sadness.

Dream About Parting Clouds
Dreams of parting clouds clearing reflect that an issue in your waking life may be clearing up.

Dream About the Cloud Shapes

Dream About Angel Cloud
Seeing angel-shaped clouds in dreams refers to certain spiritual guides in your life that are protecting you from afar.

Dream About Mushroom Cloud
Seeing a mushroom cloud in the dream suggests a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situations. Certain bad results may arise from a chaotic environment or impulsive decisions.

Dream About Elephant Cloud
Dreaming about elephant-shaped clouds suggests that your best choice is to follow agreement or consensus. Avoid making decisions or conduct actions that single yourself out.

Dream About Cloud Shaped Like a Hand
Dreams of a hand-shaped cloud suggest that your achievement or power in life may be fleeting. Instead of floating ideas and possible actions, consider actually leaping to make things happen.

Dream About Colors of the Cloud

Dream About White Clouds
The white clouds in your dream signify inner peace and spiritual harmony.

Dream About Red Clouds
Red clouds in dreams are signs that you will soon face a certain high-pressure environment. You will have to make quick and impulsive decisions under great stress.

Dream About Dark Black Clouds
Seeing a dark black thunderstorm cloud suggests that you or someone is feeling emotionally trapped.

Dream About Grey Clouds
Dreaming about gray clouds indicates that you do not see some situation or problem clearly.

Dream About Golden or Yellow Clouds
To see yellow clouds in the dreams refers to some form of materialistic attainment.

Dream About Blue Clouds
Dreams of blue clouds reflect that you are keeping and containing your thoughts to yourself.

Dream About Pink Clouds
Pink clouds in dreams refer to the simple sweet happiness that you held in your mind. You are yearning for sweet love and a relationship.

Dream About Purple Clouds
Dreaming about purple clouds suggests that you will meet with positive people or role models who will become your mentor. These people have the ability to lead and guide you to greatness.

Dream About Brown Cloud
Brown clouds in dreams suggest that you will encounter and think of a profitable idea or business endeavor. However, you will actually need to take action to profit from your ideas.

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