Harp Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Harp

Did you dream about harps? Harp in your dream represents spiritual harmony, peace, and serenity. It points to an epic story that you are telling as a bard. You are conveying ideas to make others feel emotional. You could make others feel safe and stable, or sympathetic. Influencing other people with the emotional narrative that you tell. Consider the type of harp melodies or occasions in the harp related dream interpretation.

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Dream About Playing Harp

Playing Harp
To see yourself playing the harp in the dream; reflects your desire to tell your story. You are laying out your heart to others to showcase your journey. Similar to playing the piano, but you will more focus on the narrative or moral of the story. Consider where you are playing the harp such as wedding, party, or funeral.

Carrying Harp
To see yourself carrying a harp in the dream; points to your obligation to tell your story. You want your story to become well-known. Perhaps you will share them with a bigger platform such as social media or YouTube. Perhaps other people have wronged you or helped you. You want to raise issues or praise those who have interacted with you in the past.

Learning to Play Harp
Seeing yourself learning to play the harp in the dream; foretells that you will meet new friends and people. You will communicate your background with others. Draw similar interests and create a community like an online forum.

Fixing Harp Strings
To see yourself fixing harp strings in the dream is a healing symbol. You are repairing your past hurts and damage. Perhaps you have made bad mistakes or have been abused somehow. You are gathering your courage to share your past painful experience with the world.

Buying Harps
To see yourself buying harps in the dream; indicates that you are “harping” on someone. You are trying to get someone to do or act a certain way.

Dream About Harp Appearances

Out of Tune Harp
Seeing an out of tune harp in the dream suggests that you will be in the center of some gossip or scandal. Your stories told will be misunderstood. People will judge you negatively because they do not have all the information.

Big Harp
A big harp in the dream foretells some type of promotion. You will enter a bigger world stage to share your own experiences.

Golden Harp
Dreaming about a golden harp; encourages you to find a platform to share your story and experiences. You will get people who will follow you and praise you for your courage. Consider taking the opportunity as you will also obtain monetary rewards.

Broken Harp
A broken harp in the dream is an unfavorable omen. It forebodes diseases and war conflicts that will put an early end to your journey. Watch out for problems in your family life or career setting.

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