Mermaid Merman Dream Interpretation

To see a mermaid in your dream represents doubts about femininity in general. Generally speaking, dreams of beautiful mermaid in a blissful setting foretells that you will have a great love life and relationship.

Consider the setting of the dream with mermaid or male mermaid aka mermen, your emotions within the dream, and what the mermaid herself is doing in the dream. Below we will go over several common scenarios where you might dream about mermaids and what they may be interpreted as:

Dream About Being a Mermaid or Becoming a Mermaid
Dreams about being a mermaid in the dream or turning into one, suggest some form of transformation towards the feminine side. Perhaps you are entering a new relationship and you are finding yourself becoming more feminine and beautiful.

However, if the dream features confusion and anxious about such a transformation, it can suggest that you are not ready to embrace your feminine side and related emotions. Certain changes in life are scaring you, especially the links between your real life feminine and masculine representations.

Baby Mermaid
Baby Mermaids in the dream represent the young link between your spiritual and sexual transformations. It can represent a gradual and starting transformation of sexual awakening. Your subconscious is signaling you that the change may be beautiful and you must not be afraid. You might need to nurture those feminine thoughts and learn to guide those emotions, even if those newly formed emotions are confusing at times.

Ugly or Evil Mermaid Dreams
Strange and unhappy dreams that feature monster, ugly, or even evil mermaids suggest that your love relationship may not be doing well. The love balance of the relationship is off and there are serious underlying issues. The masculine and feminine aspect of the relationship is out of balance.

If the dream features you trying to resist an evil mermaid, it’s a sign that you should try to avoid giving into your sexual desires in the waking life. Someone or somethings might be holding you back, through sexual suggestions and desires.

Dream About Mermaid Tattoo
Tattoos in dreams in general suggest a display of individuality. If your dream about a mermaid or merman hybrid tattoo, it suggests that you are not afraid to display your individual and personal aspects of the opposite sex. Or it could be a suggestion of your mind that you need to be more open about those aspects.

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