Mantis Dream Meaning

Did you dream about a mantis? A praying mantis appearing in dreams typically suggests that a person or situation has a total disregard for other people’s feelings. The praying mantis signifies that someone is intentionally unsupportive of other people’s goals. So that he or she focuses on his own goals to snatch the opportunity for themselves. Seeing praying mantis relates to someone like a husband or wife that does not listen to your emotions or opinions. They instead focus on other things in life. Below are some more mantis related dream themes.

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Dream About Praying Mantis Hunting

Dream About Praying Mantis against Bigger Preys or Animals
If the mantis dream is about mantis trying to tackle unlikely preys; it suggests that you may be feeling forced to face your fears with the unbearable dilemma of inevitability. Impossible tasks will force you into tackling them.

Dream About Waiting Mantis Hunting
When the praying mantis in the dream is hunting its prey, it relates to opportunistic endeavors that are coming your way. The dream symbolizes that you need to be patient and keep your eye on the prize. Tune out all the negative thoughts or comments from other people and aim for your own goals and purpose.

Dream About Praying Mantis Bites or Attack
If a praying mantis is attacking you or biting your hand or body, it reflects that your life is flooded with business and activity. Soon these activities will soon result in total chaos. Your inner voice is telling you that you need some peace and quiet times. Perhaps it might be time to slow down, take your time, and contemplate the goals that truly matter.

Dream That You Are the Mantis

Dreaming that you are the praying mantis, is reflective of your own attempt to pressure people into your own bidding. The tactic that you are using might be fear or appear unbearable to make others uncomfortable.

Dream About a Dead or Injured Praying Mantis

If the mantis in the dream is dead or missing an arm or leg; it relates to an unpleasant confrontation with negative psychological issues. You will have issues specifically with fear and relationship. The dream relates to past relationship failures. You are afraid of getting hurt again.

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