Letter Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Letters

Did you dream about letters? A letter in the dream signifies that you have a hidden understanding of yourself that is not fully explored. Pay attention to the contents of the letter, who the letter is from, and the type of letter to get more guidance related to your situation. Below we will go through the most common dream analysis about letters.

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Dream About Interactions with Letters

Dream About Receiving a Letter
To dream that you receive a letter in an envelope from someone. Suggests that someone is trying to tell you something. However, he or she is afraid to say it directly to you. They are waiting for the right moment to break certain news or information to you.

Dream About Writing a Letter
Writing a letter in the dream, indicates that you are trying to express or convey some thoughts from the heart. You want to take the time and effort to really think through what you want to say. Consider if you are having an easy or hard time to write the letter in the dream. If you have trouble, it suggests that you have trouble expressing your thoughts.

Dream About Reading a Letter
To read or see a letter in the dream, is a sign that you have completed a cycle. You will soon go through the process of learning a task or information from others. Perhaps you will receive certain contracts that will push your career or business further.

Dream About Finding Letter
Finding a letter in the dream suggests that somebody far away is thinking of you. You might be reconnected with someone living abroad or far in the near future.

Dream About Sending a Letter
To dream that you are sending a letter away with stamps indicates that you have an emotional or important message. You will try to get out to someone at any cost.

Dream About Different Types of Letters

Dream About Appointment Letter
To dream about an appointment letter for a medical insurance approval or meeting, indicates that you will soon receive some expected news. Perhaps you have been waiting on certain events to happen, and now you will finally get the confirmation to attend something. Consider following up with problems that you have encountered in the past.

Dream About Award Letter
Dreaming about an award letter like bonuses or scholarship, foretells that someone is going to acknowledge your hard work and knowledge. You will be awarded for your expertise and talent.

Dream About Death Letter
A death letter in the dream points to sad and bad news. You might soon hear disappointing events about someone important or close to you, but who lives far away.

Dream About Love Letter
Love letters in the dream foretell upcoming romantic relationships. You will encounter romantic gestures that might push your relationship with someone whom you adore.

Dream About Resignation Letter
To see a resignation letter in the dream, suggests that you are ready to call quits from your job. You can no longer withstand certain troubles or responsibilities in waking life.

Dream About Proposal Letter
Proposal letter in the dream, indicates that you have something to offer others. You will soon enter into some projects or business relationships.

Dream About Blackmail Letter
To see a blackmail letter, suggests that someone is going to take advantage of your secrets. Be careful about showing your weakness to your competitors or scammers who will profit from your secrets or privacy.

Dream About Where the Letter Came From

Dream About Letter from Ex Lover
To dream that you are getting a letter from an ex-lover, suggests that there is some unfinished communication. Somethings important was not said before your break up.

Dream About Letter from Dead Person
Dreaming about a letter from a dead person, reflects your thoughts and emotions about your memories of them. Perhaps there were certain messages and communications that you wish you said while they were alive. But the dream reflects that you may never let them know how you felt.

Dream About Admission Letter from School
To see an admission letter from school in the dream, reflects your desires and hopes to get into certain school. The dream foretells that you will be able to get into a school of your choice.

Dream About Employment Hiring Letter from Work
To dream that you receive a hiring letter from a recruiter or head hunter, indicates that someone needs your skills and expertise about certain problems.

Dream About Letter from Anonymous Individual
Dreaming about an anonymous letter, points to some secret feedback that you will soon receive from others. The dream suggests that you will receive complaints from management about your actions.

Dream About Different Appearances of Letters

Dream About Handwritten Letter
A handwritten letter in the dream points to certain messages that are coming from the heart.

Dream About Large Letter
To dream about a long or large letter about something, is a sign that you need to pay attention to other people’s messages. He or she will say many things, but it is up to you to find the focus of your communication.

Dream About Mean Letter
Dreaming about a mean letter, points to a situation or encounter that is unpleasant. You may not think too much of it, but someone else might be offended.

Dream About Unopened Letter
To dream about unopened and unread letters such as from the IRS tax notice or lawyer request, means that you are intentionally ignoring or overlooking information. You are choosing to purposely ignore what other people tell you to do. Ignorance is bliss for you.

Dream About Colors of the Letter

Dream About White Letter
White letters in the dream relates to routine and something regular. You are not looking for surprises.

Dream About Brown Letter
To dream about messages on brown letter, reflects that you need to be down to earth and practical. Truthfulness will be met with rewards.

Dream About Green Letter
Dreaming about green letters, indicates that you need to look out for information out of the ordinary. Be careful of manipulated words and data.

Dream About Golden Letter
To see a golden letter in the dream, foretells that you are on the edge of an important discovery or business opportunity. This newfound ideas or knowledge will be extremely profitable.

Dream About Pink Letter
To dream about pink letters, be careful of people who are jealous of you.

Dream About Yellow Letter
Yellow letters in the dream points to unusual news.

Dream About Red or Black Letter
To see letters with the black ground or red ink, points to anxiety and trouble. You are missing important warning messages that will prove to be deadly and troublesome.

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