Wig Dream Interpretation

Wig in dreams symbolizes deception and the urge to cover up some incompetence. Perhaps you wish to give out certain false impressions so that others will view you in a different light. Depending on the types of wigs that you wear in the dream, the wig related dreams can be interpreted differently.

Dream About Wearing Wigs
Wearing wigs in the dream indicates that you are actively controlling how people see you or judge you. You feel that you cannot let your natural thought and worries shown, as you are fearful of how others might see you.

Dream About Trying on a Wig
Trying on wigs in the dream, is a sign that you are trying out other people’s ideas and opinions. It could point to that you are lacking strong opinions as your own, and you will simply continue the work of others.

Dream About Covering Up Baldness with Wig
To see yourself wearing a hair wig or fake hair, to cover up baldness, indicates that you are trying hard to cover up your weakness and troubles.

Dream About Costume Wig
Costume wigs in the dream, points to a need for change in appearance and lifestyle. You are aiming for a change in lifestyle, relationship, or professional. However, you are leaning toward dishonest projections and fake actions in order to achieve your goals. You are pretending to exhibit thoughts you do not necessarily hold true.

Dream About New Wig
Buying or getting a new wig, reflects your anxiety and self-consciousness about potential loss in the near future. You are afraid of certain issues that will hinder your identity such as hair loss.

Dream About Wigs Not Your Natural Hair Color
Depending on your natural hair color, wearing black, red, blonde, or white wigs not of your own hair color or style, is a sign that that you wish to understand more about how other people think. You are trying out different perspective to obtain a higher understanding. For example, a white hair wig might be a sign that you are trying to be empathetic towards your elders.

Dream About Long Wig
To dream that you are wearing a long wig that is hard to manage or wear, is a sign of the coming of lies and gossip. You are creating certain fabric of stories that are getting hard to navigate as time goes by.

Dream About Colorful Wig
To dream that you are wearing a colorful wig like for a clown, indicates that you have completely lost your mind. You are embracing absurdity and humiliation as a part of your life style.

Dream About Burning Wig on Fire
Wearing a wig that is burning or on fire, indicates that you are making a big deal over some trivial matter. Your ideas is crumbling and your thoughts is going to damage both yourself and even others around you. You are in way over your head.

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