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Cockroach Dream Interpretation — 21 Comments

    • I had a dream of about 3-4 cockroaches crawling along the bathtub right as I was stepping in to take a shower. I remember being afraid, but trying to work around them. Wtf?!?!

  1. I dream that my brother was expecting someone in the house and the arrival of the person i went to kitchen so i can cook for the visitor ,but i met alot of cockroach in the kitchen which i kill all of them,please what does i mean,please i need answers.([email protected])

  2. I dreamt that I saw a cockroach & try to catch it so I can kill it.
    I caught the cockroach, squashed it
    & try to bury it in the sand but then turned into a crab & I saw the white flesh looked ok but I was still frightened.
    What does it mean?

  3. I think i had the weirdest dream ever…. I saw 3 Huge spiders, eat a cockroach in a very dusty area filled with cobwebs…

  4. I dreamt that I have a leg of a cockroach inside my mouth and then I pulled it out and it’s sticking at the top of my mouth. It’s disgusting and horrible dream for me.

  5. I had a dream about a leg of a cockroach inside my mouth and it’s sticking to the upper side of my mouth. I tried pulling it out and I saw a leg or limb of a cockroach and it’s still moving. I was disgusted and terrified of it.

  6. I dream that this hotel room had worms & roaches and they were crawling on me and my boyfriend spray and kill them. They were dropping off my clothes dead. The roaches start flighing and my boyfriend crush them.

  7. I had a dream of a giant cockroach on my front porch it was laying on its back, I thought it was dead , I vacuumed with hose, it was so big it was stuck, it came back to life, so I took to a near by pasture and shook it out said the animals could he!!!!

  8. I had a dream last night, August 9, 2019, about cockroaches infesting my environment and they, were all over me. I didn’t know where I was.

  9. My cockroach dream was that I was going into / near a car and this giant cockroach (like 6 inch long and 1 inch tall) was on the trunk / boot of the car so I ran away from it, any ideas what this could mean?

  10. I dreamed of cockroaches, in my dream, i am sitting in outside stairs, i see them crawling in my left hand. they are many and filed like a carpet. If point my hand in right they go to right and if i point it left they go to left. Wherever i point my left hand they’re going. Please tell me what is it mean. Thank you

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