Taxi Cab Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the taxi? A taxi is a car for hire. The dream symbol will generally relate to your future direction in life, however with the huge influence of others on how you get there. Below we will go through more common taxi-related dream scenarios to help you under the dream.

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Dream About Hailing a Taxi Cab

Dream About Hailing a Taxi Cab
To dream that you are hailing a cab physically, or using a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft; suggests that you need to ask for help in order to move forward in a waking situation.

If the dream features the cab drivers speeding past you, or Uber / Lyft drivers ignoring your ride request; it represents that the waking life opportunity may not be for you. The cab taxi dream foretells you not to get on the “wrong ride”. Perhaps be patient and wait for more opportunities.

Dream About Taxi Driver Not Knowing Your Destination
The dream signals that you will have an argument with someone close to you. You and others may have illusions on how things should be done, and this difference will lead to major miscommunication.

Dream About Getting Off a Taxi Cab
To get off and wave goodbye to a taxi driver in the dream; suggests that you are at an end of your journey. Perhaps you will consider a job change or even a new relationship. This specific taxi scenario often portends to a move positive change. You will experience some initial unpleasant changes in waking life, however, it will be for the better.

Other Taxi Related Dreams

Dream About Sleeping In a Taxi or Not Knowing Where You Are Going
When the dream features you being in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. However, you have no control of where you are going, it indicates that you are being taken for a ride. Someone is taking advantage of you from your lack of self-knowledge.

Dream About Driving a Taxi or As a Lyft Uber Driver
The dream foretells a positive future is in the cards for you. It suggests that you are going to have to make major decisions. These decisions will require patience, hard work, and perseverance for you to achieve success in the long term.

Dream About Taxi Fare
Taxi fare or ride-sharing fee from Lyft or Uber, relates to life’s challenges. You will have little hurdles to jump over in order to achieve your goals. However, the dream signals that these hurdles can often be solved via money.

When the dream features expensive or unexpected fare or taxi fees; it suggests that you need to do more research before tackling on your journey. You may encounter unpleasant surprises that will set you back.

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