Well Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the well? Wells in a dream represents your hidden potential and abilities that still need to be discovered. They refer to talents that you suspect yourself having, but you need to spend the time to really recognize those gifts. Below we will go over more dream interpretation involving different wells and contexts.

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Dream About Different Types of Wells

Dream About Wishing Well
Dreaming about a wishing tell signifies your well-considered hopes and dreams. Perhaps the dream signals that it may be time to execute on your plans. Simply hoping and wishing will not have a positive impact on your waking life.

Dream About Oil Well or Gasoline Well
To dream about an oil well, suggests that you will be doing “well” financially. The oil well signals that you will be able to draw regular cash from a consistent job or project.

Dream About a Decorative Well
To see a decorative well, suggests that you are encountering certain facades put up. Certain people may act like they are wealthy and knowledgeable, however, they do not really have the money or skills. Be aware of heeding these people’s advice because they might feed you lies for their own interest.

Dream About Condition of Wells

Dream About Deep Well
Deep wells in dreams symbolize the depth of your emotions. If you cannot see the bottom of the well; it reflects that you are suppressing your emotions. You are hiding them well so that others have no idea what your true feelings are.

Dream About Empty Dry Well
Dreaming about an empty well that is dry without any water; suggests that you are facing an emotional void in your life. You feel empty and look for more substance to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Dream About A Well with Contaminated or Dirty Water
If the water in the well is dirty or contaminated undrinkable in the dream; it spells troubles and problems in the future. You are counting on certain bad investments or people’s relationships that will be a waste of time and effort.

Dream About Overflowing Well Full of Water
Seeing a well overflowing with water is a good sign where you will enjoy abundance, production, and profit. However, consider saving the additional wealth that you generate. The overflowing well also signals potential wasteful life that comes from believing the money will never dry up. Being wasteful can draw nasty surprises when the well does dry up.

Dream About Parts of Well

Dream About Well Cover
To see a well cover in the dream; suggests that someone may be using their influence to protect or cover up someone’s potential. If the well cover is locked in the dream to make it inaccessible; it points to the misuse of power that creates unfavorable conditions to everyone.

Dream About Well With Broken Ropes or Cracked Bucket Pail
If you are unable to get water from a well due to broken ropes or bad buckets; suggests that you should be mindful of trusting people in the near future. You may end up being scammed and lose money. The dream reflects the fake potential that will bait you for your time and money.

Dream About Interaction with Well

Dream About Falling Down Well
Dreams of falling and be stuck into a well, indicates losing emotion control and falling into despair. The dream foretells that you will be stuck in a rut for a while. It is essential to not panic and attempt to call for help and find your way out with time.

Dream About Dropping or Throwing Things Into Well
Dropping or throwing somethings into a well foretells significant loss, either unintentionally by accident or an intentional risk. Watch out for your belonging and assets to prevent avoidable losses.

Dream About Filling and Sealing Well
Dreams of filling up and sealing an old well with concrete; reflects that you want to forget about your roots and ancestors. It foretells that you will tell certain lies to hide where you have come from. And your past experiences that made who you are.

Dream About Fetching Water from a Well
To fetch and take water out of a well in the dream; is a positive sign that your wishes will be satisfied. You have taken the right steps and actions to draw the power out of your hidden potential. You shall receive a bright future and obtain new achievements.

Dream About Digging a Well
Dreaming about digging water from scratch, is reflective of your process to access your deepest emotions from the unconscious. The dream suggests that you are exploring and discovering new ideas you never thought you had. Continue to dig deeper, you may find treasures that you never knew you had.

Dream About Talking Into a Well
Dreams of talking into a well, portends bad advice will be given to you in the future. You may be talking to individuals that may simply echo back what you communicate, without any meaningful feedback or suggestions.

Dream About Wells

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