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  1. Thanks for your post on dreams. Two night ago a dreamt of a well right in my compound where there was none before. Water was full to the brim but did not overflow. Then I noticed a natural purifier at the top of the well. An adult and two children were around the well as well. I could not recognize them though. I was careful that one of the children who came closer to the well should fall in to. I am one who seldom dream, and hardly will I remember the dream. But this particular dreams came clear to mind when I woke up from sleep. How do you best interpret this?

  2. In my dream I saw the same well in our backyard that is almost dry due to dry season full of water to the brim. I was shocked to see it full of water that I had to call my neighbor to come and fetch from it with me. But surprisingly, I saw a snail beside the well and that makes my neighbor to fetch more water than me from that well.Please help interpret it.

  3. Last night I dream that, I was digging a well and the dirty water flowing and I am using gallon to fetch it out

  4. I dreamt fetching water from a well. The rope got torn and the bucket fell in the well. All of a sudden, I saw a fresh rope hanging down the well, better than the old one and saw that the first rope I thought had torn down the well surprisingly still hanging with no tear.

  5. Last night, I dreamed about doing laundry beside the well while it is raining heavily and the well is almost overflowing. What is the meaning of that? even if the well is almost full, it is crystal clear as I can see my stuff below. I waited for the rain to stop and the well to dry. It did and I went down there calmly and collected my stuff then hang them dry. when I speak of stuff, those were my phones colorful hangers and some black pants and blouses. I hang them dry even the gadgets. I was happy in my dream but im curious what it meant

  6. In my dream, somebody call me to jump into the well but they know swimming but i dont
    both we came out….
    so i want know what it meant???

    • Last night I dreamt that I wanted to help a friend fetch water from well in the dream,later I saw myself fletching water in the well ,later saw a young boy in the water like drawn but not sure ,but somehow some people like pupils(am a teacher) gathered near where am fetching water from that well

  7. I had a dream seeing a well before me and also saw a man standing beside me, the well was full we both couldn’t fetch the water due to there was no rope around the fetching bucket, thou I was able to call fort d bucket from d well but it later fell back inside d well because I was wondering how could I have called out d bucket with just my strecting hand on d well. Pls kindly interpret.

  8. Today i dream i feed the small child by waking and backwards the fall down in deep well what is the meaning of that t

  9. I dreamed that I was going to fetch water then found a covered borehole I uncovered it then in the process of fetching water I slipped and fell in to the clean and calm water but held on a rope so that I may not drown but my rope was getting weak and some people were trying to help me out I felt the energy to save myself but I did not

  10. A lady dream that she had her last son tied to her back and she was holding tict to a rope leading her to a deep hope before a man rescued them from dropping in the hole.

    How do you best interpret this dream.

  11. Please i had a dream that i was holding three things of my fiance,they all fell into a gu i was only able to take two out of the one was keys but they bees around it after taking from the gutter,so I was rolling it with a stick while waking home. But the gutter carried away his phone which was a wristwatch too. Please what could this mean

  12. I saw a big clean hole in my dream and on the other side I saw a waterfall after a while I saw that the hole was covered with neat sand pls wot does it mean

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