Military Barracks Dream Interpretation

To dream about army barracks or living on a military base, suggests that you will share your life with others towards fighting or preparing for a common goal or purpose. You may be looking for a structure in your life where many of the things and features are organized. However, at the same time you may give up certain level of control and freedom.

Dream About Undergoing Barracks Inspection
To see someone checking or inspecting your living quarters, foretells that you try hard to stay on top of things. You are making efforts to pass the visible tests of superiors such as bosses or other authorities. Perhaps they have certain expectations on you are living your life, and the dream symbolizes you are making the effort to match with those expectation.

Dream About Being Locked in a Barracks
Dreaming that you get locked inside a barracks, suggests that you are concerned about what is happening in your close circle of friends within an organization. You do not know how to get out of the current situation. You and your team will be faced with unrealistic demands that will seriously impact your personal life out of work or school.

Dream About Moving to Barracks
Moving to barracks in a dream, foretells that you will make certain necessary changes in your life into a more restrictive situation. The temporarily change may help you in the long term in terms of finding proper footing and making advancements in the future. However, you are expected to give up certain levels of privacy and control over your life.

Dream About Visiting an Army Barracks
To visit an army barracks in the dream, foretells that someone whom you know may join the military. Or it could suggest that yourself is pondering about the possibility of enlisting yourself and what the life may look like during training.

Dream About Empty Barracks
To dream about empty barracks portends to gloomy and grim futures of your organizations. The dream foretells that many comrades and associates may be at risk of getting laid off or moving to other things in their careers.

Dream About Run Down Barracks
To see or living in a run down barracks, points to a bumpy ride or problems with your friendship. You will soon have to deal with differences and hard feelings, that make you wonder if the relationship is worthwhile in business deals or cooperation.

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