Altar Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Altar

Did you dream about an altar? Altar in dreams symbolize some type of connection between your inner self and a higher purpose or being that you believe in. Depending on the type of action and contexts within your altar related dreams, they might refer to different mental state or foretell certain waking life situations. Below we will go through some of the meanings and what they might entail.

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Dream About Cleaning Altar

To dream that you are cleaning up dust or wiping down an altar, means that you are removing aggression, disbelief, and general distractions from your faith. You are ready to focus more on your spirituality by removing ideas and thoughts that take away your focus.

Dream About Offering Ceremony or Sacrificial Ritual at the Altar

Dreaming that you are sacrificing something or offering your belongings at a sacrifice, is a sign that you will commit a good deal of yourself to the cause. You have personal yet sincere feelings towards a higher purpose towards your community’s goals and believes.

Dream About Church Altar

To see or be at the church altar in the dream, shows that you are eagerly seeking help from the divine and having strong desire of spiritual fulfillment. You are willing to give all of you to your faith.

Dream About New Altar

To dream that your church gets a new altar, is presentation that your congregation is being transformed to a certain extent. There might be shifts in the value and connection to faith. Perhaps it foretells that certain ceremonies and people performing them will be replaced or altered somehow.

Dream About Arranging Items on an Altar

Different items on the altars in the dream represent different parts of your faith. By organizing and arranging them in the dream, suggests that you are raking them and deciding which beliefs and ideals are the most important to you. You want to uphold and defend certain parts.

Dream About Kneeling at Altar

To dream that you are kneeling at altar, suggests that you need to let go or lower your aggression and ego. Be humble, control them and minimize them in front of a higher calling.

Dream About Praying at an Altar

Praying at an altar in the dream, is a sign that you seek higher spiritual development and a change of attitude. Perhaps you do not know how to accept certain issues and understanding, and you are meditating while hoping to obtain some type of divine insight.

Dream About Ringing the Altar Bell

Ringing Altar bell in the dream, foretells that you will reach important turning point of your faith. You will understand certain life procedure or changes that might require you to adjust how you practice your religion.

Dream About Wiccan Altar

Dreaming about a Wiccan altar made for witchcraft rituals, indicates that you are having certain hidden wishes that cannot be shown to the world. You are keeping things deep inside yourself in order to achieve harmony and personal acceptance. However, it could also suggest that you might be placing too much hope on superstitious tendencies or believes.

Dream About Altar Server or Altar Boy

To dream about altar server or altar boy, indicates that you might feel confused about how you should proceed in your faith. You wish to take your spirituality to the next level, but you want someone to show you the way.

Dream About Jilted or Left at Altar

Seeing a boy at the altar suggests that you are too impulsive. denotes quarrels and unsatisfactory states in your business and home. You will act impulsively and make certain rash decisions that will be hard to be fixed or turned back. In a way, you will break important promises that you have made to others.

Dream About Wedding Altar

Seeing wedding altar in the dream, signifies that a new family member like a baby may enter your life.

A wedding dream involving an altar can also signify a new baby that may enter your life.

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