Umbrella Dream Interpretation

Seeing an umbrella in the dream symbolizes emotional security, you are putting up a shield against your emotions or other negative occurrences like the rain or other misfortune. Below we will go over most common umbrella related dreams to help you understand what they might mean.

Dream About Losing an Umbrella
Losing umbrella in your dream suggests that you may have problems at where you may have lost the umbrella. For example, if you lost umbrella at school or work office, you may have emotion insecurity at those places.

Dream About Holding an Umbrella
Dreaming about holding your umbrella suggests that you are open to confronting your own feelings, whenever you encounter them. You are being emotionally ready to handle any down turns.

Dream About Buying An Umbrella
Buying an umbrella in the dream suggests that you are anticipating emotional downpour in the near future. Someone close to you may encounter emotional issues and will rely on you to listen to them.

Dream About Flying With Umbrella
Dreams of flying umbrella or flying with an umbrella, suggest that you are enjoy success in the near future. However, you may need to be prepared against major failures that come with the success. Your sudden rise in fortune is not yet stable and you may fall from grace and good luck.

Dream About Lost Umbrella
Lost umbrella in the dreams indicates abandonment. Someone in your life may have given up on you and disconnected any form of relationship and inter dependency.

Dream About Broken Umbrella
Having a broken umbrella in the dream indicates that bad changes are going to take place in the future, and that you lack the ability to face the incoming problems.

Dream About Leaking Umbrella
A leaking umbrella in the dream foretells financial difficulties that arises from lacking strategies. Perhaps you have setup certain financial portfolios that may be leaking money during difficult situations.

Dream About Closed Umbrella
Dreaming about a closed umbrella that you do not use during the rain, suggests that your emotional needs are not being met. You are not open to confront your own feelings and facing your emotions.

Dream About a Patched or Stitched Umbrella
Dreams of a patched and repaired umbrella, indicates some form of disagreements in family. The repaired umbrella is a warning signal for you to concentrate on the communication among the family members to maintain emotional stability during harsh times.

Dream About Open Umbrella While Indoors
Opening an umbrella while indoors suggests that you will attend a significant and emotional meeting in the near future.

Dream About Holding Umbrella for Another Person
The dream of holding an umbrella for another person, foreshadows forms of emotional support from another person. Consider ask or offer for help when someone is in need. You will find support and advice from others soon during your time of crisis.

Dream About White Umbrella
Dreaming of a white umbrella indicates a loving relation and you will enjoy a beautiful vacation.

Dream About Black Umbrella
Dreams of a black umbrella reflects that bad changes are going to take place in the future. You need to be on the defensive and protect your emotions. You have some major fears of potential dangers that may come. However, you need to overcome your worries in order to succeed.

Dream About Red Umbrella
Red umbrella in the dream indicates that it is not necessary for you to worry so much about your wishes emotionally. If you put your passion and heart into your areas that you feel emotionally, you will see a change in the positive direction in your given situation.

Dream About Gold or Yellow Umbrella
Seeing golden or yellow umbrella portends to protection and profits that are on their way.

Dream About Blue Umbrella
Blue umbrellas in dreams indicate that you must guard yourself from people who may be jealous of you. You need to withhold your secrets and wisdom.

Dream About Silk Umbrella or Parasol
A silk or parasol umbrella for the sun in the dream, reflects financial advantages that you are going to have soon. You will be entitled to achieve financial wealth due to your social stature.

Dream About Clear or Transparent Umbrella
Seeing a transparent and clear umbrella, it portrays that you are protected from problems and troubles. However, you will be able to see as troubles arise from your life as they happen.

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