Slime Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about slime? Slime in your dream represents the inability to fully trust someone. You are dealing with someone who will say or do whatever is necessary to get out of a sticky situation. Consider how you are handling and interacting with the slime to get the best dream meaning. Below we will help you explore some of the more common themes.

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Dream About Interaction with Slime

Playing with Slime
To see yourself playing with slime in the dream; suggests that you are trying to have fun with a uninteresting situation. You are adding in and mixing elements of fun.

Swimming in Slime
To dream about swimming in slime in a bathtub or swimming pool; suggests that you will get into some type of disgusting or uneasy situation. However, you will do fine in the end.

Drowning in Slime
To dream about drowning in slime; suggests that you will be smothered with lies. Watch out for other people’s actions or words that will ruin you. Other people’s seemingly harmless lies or lack of responsibility will ultimately destroy your life.

Throwing Slime
Throwing around slime in the dream is similar to snow ball. However, you are tossing responsibilities in a joking way. You do not want to do something so you pass the task to someone else.

Making Slime
To dream that you are making slime with glue or chemicals; foretells that you will make the best out of a sticky situation. You will be trapped in a bad situation somehow. Soon you will find a way out and profit from your dilemma.

Dream About Slime Colors

Green Slime
Green slime in the dream points to tedious tasks and responsibilities. However, they are necessary routines that you need to do on a daily basis.

Blue Slime
Blue slime in the dream suggests that you disapprove certain behaviors deep down.

Black Slime
Black slime in the dream points to repulsive and despicable thoughts.

Red Slime
Red slime in the dream indicates that you are overreacting to something.

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