Mercury Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Mercury

Did you dream about mercury? To see mercury in your dream represents quick movement. You need to speak up first and think it through later. Trust your intuition. Consider where you are handling mercury, such as laboratories or in a factory-like setting. Something or someone will have a hard time staying in its form or path.

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Dream About Seeing Mercury

Dream About Seeing Mercury Planet
To dream that you are observing the planet mercury as an astronaut; indicates that you will contact someone of authority shortly. These people may include policemen or officers. Specifically, that authority figure will make speedy decisions and actions in your encounter.

Dream About Interacting with Mercury

Dream About Holding Mercury or Quicksilver
To see yourself holding mercury in your palm indicates that you do not intend to be firm on your promises. You are looking for loopholes to get away with things with clever tactics.

Dream About Drinking or Eating Mercury
To dream that you are eating or drinking mercury suggests that you will receive bad advice. This advice is poisonous and toxic because it does not apply to your situation. Be aware if you follow other people’s recommendations blindly without considering your personal circumstances.

Dream About Where You See the Mercury

Dream About Mercury in Thermostat
Dreaming about a mercury thermostat indicates that people will judge or score you without a hard benchmark. Perhaps teachers or bosses will judge you based on a curve and by how well others are doing. Be aware, alert, and flexible with your work. You will achieve and higher efficiency with your work and school life.

Dream About Mercury in a Bottle
To dream that you have stored mercury or quicksilver in a bottle or glass points to stored energy. It suggests that you put your energy in the right direction. You find it hard to stick to your form and goals. However, you can formulate and refocus your thoughts and energy in the right places.

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