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Did you dream about the roof? Roof in dreams symbolizes some protection, shelter, or barrier between the consciousness and believes of the world. You are trying to hold up certain values and lifestyles with security and aspirations. You do not care about how the world is affecting you on the outside. Depending on the condition, and your actions towards the roof in the dream, there might be different roof dream interpretations.

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Dream About Roof Construction and Maintenance

Dream About Cleaning Roof
To dream about cleaning a roof indicates that you are going over a self-reflection period. You are trying to reorganize and reaffirm yourself after weathering the storms. You do not want your fatigue to affect your ability in the future.

Dream About Fixing Roof Repair
To dream about fixing or repairing a roof in the dream; suggests that others will hinder your goals and plans shortly. You cannot afford another complication or challenge until you patch up the broken pieces. The circumstances will challenge your faith and beliefs, and the dream indicates that you will need to reinforce your ideas.

Dream About Moving on Top of Roof

Dream About Climbing a Roof
The dream about climbing a roof; indicates that you have a strong desire to move forward or set higher goals and sights. However, you may have reached a certain limit out of your reach. You can only go so high with your current setup or foundation.

Dream About Sitting on a Roof
To dream about sitting on a roof indicates that you are waiting for certain things to happen soon. Perhaps you have reached a good balance in life between your needs and desires. And you are now resting before your next major actions.

Dream About Walking on Roof
To dream about walking on the roof is a sign that you are bounding yourself to an area of comfort. It may be you taking the easier and comfortable routes at work or school. However, it might actually be dangerous if you do not try to widen your horizon.

Dream About Standing on Roof
Standing on a roof in the dream symbolizes that you have a peak of success. You are taking the time to enjoy your progress and colossal achievements.

Falling Off and Jumping

Dream About Jumping Off a Roof
To dream that you are jumping off a roof; foretells that you are will certainly risk or leap of faith from your current comfortable situation.

Dream About Falling Off a Roof
To dream about falling off a roof indicates that you do not have a firm grip on your current position. You thought you had certain protections, but you are reaching beyond your capability. You are taking certain overconfident steps that might lead to disastrous results.

Dream About Jumping From Roof to Roof
If you jump from one rooftop to another rooftop in the dream, it is a sign that there is no turning back once you move forward with your plan. You have to keep on going until you settle with a place of comfort.

Dream About Roof Actions

Dream About Roof Sliding Off Falling Down
To dream about a roof sliding down from your house; indicates that someone you count on for protection is going to fail. Perhaps your organization, school, or income earner of the house, might be under duress and fail soon.

Dream About Roof Blowing Off
To dream about the strong wind blowing off the roof like a tornado indicates a major and sudden event will happen shortly. You will lose someone or something that you count on for protection and security.

Dream About Roof Caving In or Collapsing
To dream about the roof caving in or collapsing points to quarrel and conflicts with your friends and relatives. It foretells serious conflicts and arguments within the same family or household.

Dream About Rain Water Leaking From Roof
Dreaming about rainwater leaking from the room represents distractions and unwanted emotional influences in your life. Someone is imposing and intruding on their negative thoughts and opinions on you. Be aware of subtle changes or comments made by others, as they could impact your emotional well-being.

Dream About Roof Conditions and Appearances

Dream About New Roof
To dream about a new roof indicates spiritual guidance and protection. You may gain new mentors or friends whom you look up to. And in turn, they will provide you with important advice and emotional shelter.

Dream About Glass Roof
To dream about a glass roof with good lighting foretells that people will reveal new information to you. Keep your mind open to new opportunities, and prosperity and light will get through to you.

Dream About High Roof
A high roof in dreams points to your high ideals and perfectionist tendencies. Perhaps you think highly of yourself and your organization.

Dream About Red Roof
The red roof or another odd colored roof in the dream; suggests that you should not pay attention or worry about other people’s thoughts. Stay true to your course and ideals, as they are what guide you.

Dream About Thatched Roof
Thatched roof in dreams made of straws suggests that you are taking your security and shelter for granted. You do not think highly of the people who give you shelter and protection. However, they are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Dream About Other Roof Related Themes

Dream About Roof Tiles
Dreaming about roof tiles indicates your dependence on your social networks, such as family or professional sphere, as your support. Be aware that because your network is very dependent on another. If there are missing links, it could cause trouble to your entire infrastructure.

Dream About Cat on Roof
To see a cat on the roof points to your spirit trying to go astray. You want to adventure outside of your comfort zone. However, you do not necessarily have the courage to take the risk.

Dream About Car Roof
Seeing or using a car roof in the dream points to a flexible set of insights, ideas, and abilities. Keep yourself nimble and be ready to get your ideas to work. You are going places, and others will protect you.

Dream About Rooftop
To dream about a rooftop where you could access like a rooftop garage; relates to idled or inactive backup plans. Perhaps you have certain goals or plans in place, yet you do not have the time to get to them. However, if the rooftop is blossoming with activity, it could suggest that you will fully utilize your potential with what you have.

Dream About Roof Troubles

Dream About Hole in Broken Roof or Roof Damage
To dream about a roof suffering damage or have holes indicates that something or someone has attacked your sense of security. Perhaps a certain situation has opened your eyes towards your own sense of comfort. You now have doubts over your entire life or belief system.

Dream About Roofless House or No Roof
Seeing or living inside a roofless house with no roof; foretells that you will arrive at a certain shock and unbelief about a situation that will reveal to you.

Dream About Old Roof
To dream about an old roof that requires maintenance suggests that you have lowered your standards over time. You are content with what you have or own, even if you own outdated or stale possessions. Consider refreshing your lifestyle so that you may maintain a lasting life outlook.

Dream About Roof on Fire
A roof on fire in the dream is a sign that your hopes and dreams are not realistic. You will suffer serious setbacks if you continue your course. Consider shelving all of your plans and go back to the drawing board. Certain rebirth of your ideas will make the entire project go much smoother and successful.

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