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  1. What about a hunted forest? I had a dream where A few friends and I went into this forest but when the sun was about to set you had to leave because it was hunted. I remember we were walking on this path and we left but we came back for something but it was sunset and I remember seeing someone riding a bike out of it as we all went in and on the path I remember seeing a bike rim without wheels and it was overgrown with like vines and leaves and we kept walking all of a sudden there was a little girl almost ghost like staring at us a little off the path and I remember yelling “don’t look at her shes not real!” and than I started running to find a way out but I didn’t just turn around and follow the way I came in no…. I ran forward and than the path started curving until I found a side trail that was made with white rocks and I followed it all the way out to this parking lot. but as soon as I got there i was jumped to like field with three buildings a old church, a Rv and another building and it was dark with one light outside like a street light and the ground was hard sand there wasn’t grass or anything until you looked past the building where it was a forest (not the same one i wasn’t scared of it). at this point I was alone. I went into this RV where There were these men and they looked at me with a hunger in their eyes and tried to come for me so I ran out of it into the church and they didn’t leave the RV. when I got to the church I woke up. the church wasn’t like a christian church it was like old something you see in an apocalypse everything did the Rv, the church and the building not the forest that looked normal but the first set of trees were all lined up in like a evenly spaced order just the ones you could see when looking at it.

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