Oyster Dream Interpretation

Oysters in dreams symbolize beauty, humility, wealth, and wisdom. There are certain prizes that you are going for in the waking life, and you are going straight for your heart’s desires to experience life to the fullest. Below are more oyster dream interpretations.

Dream About Eating Oyster
Eating oyster in the dream reflects sexual and sensual connotations. You will encounter some form of romantic situation.

Dream About Raw Oysters
Dreaming about eating raw oysters, indicate sexual urges. You will do whatever it takes to satisfy your urge and obtain gratification.

Dream About Oyster Pearl
To see an oyster pearl in the dream, it signifies your soul’s innermost and most private core of your desires.

Dream About Spoiled or Rotten Oyster
To dream about spoiled or rotten oyster, indicates that you have been addicted to the guilty pleasures of life. Perhaps you have been addicted to sexual relations that you got into impure relations such as affairs.

Dream About Shucking Oyster
Dreaming about shucking oysters, foretells that you will explore something inside you that you need to let out. You will try to explore deeper into your sexuality or something that you have kept hidden for too long.

Dream About Can’t Open Oyster Shell
To dream that you have an hard time to open the oyster shell, indicates that you have hard time to disclose your self and open yourself to the world. You keep your heart’s desires within you instead of experiencing life to the fullest.

Dream About Oyster Shell
To dream about oyster shell, it signifies financial frustrations. You have items that you want to purchase, but your financial situation does not allow you to make those purchases.

Dream About Broken Oyster Shell
Broken oyster shell in dreams signify broken promises. Someone will break his or her promise that they made to you. You will be very disappointed because of it.

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