Lettuce Dream Interpretation

To dream of a green lettuce indicates freshness, and simplicity. A complete and full head of lettuce represents your ego and self-esteem. Depending on the context and your interaction with the lettuce, the lettuce related dream interpretations may be a little different. Below we will help you understand what they might entail.

Dream About Baby Lettuce
Dreaming about small or baby lettuce, it suggests that you should not abuse your physical good state to carry out extreme or overly violent sports.

Dream About Purple Lettuce
Purple lettuce in dreams signifies your need for spiritual nourishment. You will have to element your level of thoughts or you are lacking particular state of mind. Consider to think through issues more thoroughly to achieve a well balanced point of views.

Dream About Planting Lettuce
Planting or sowing lettuce in the dream, points to certain situations where you are seeking approval or permission. You are unsure of your decisions after you have made them, and only time will be able to tell if you have made the right calls.

Dream About Shredded Lettuce
Seeing or using shredded lettuce in the dream, is a sign that you will hit some form of personal crisis. However, you will be able to survive and succeed with the help of others, if the shredded lettuce is used on other food items such as tacos or hot dog. Take additional care with your relationship with friend or colleagues can save you at the time of need.

Dream About Picking Lettuce
Dreams of picking lettuce off a field, means that you will receive a gift soon. This gift will be a result of a long standing relationship that you have had with others.

Dream About Washing and Peeling Lettuce
Dream about preparing lettuce for eating by washing or peeling it, suggests that you will be responsible for your life in terms of changes and improvements. What you have right now might not be readily become available for positive impacts, you will need to put in additional effort and time for your assets and talents to become effective for personal growth and change.

Dream About Cutting Lettuce in Half
To see or cut lettuce in half in the dream, is an indication of problems relating to sexuality and one’s love life. It indicates speed dating without taking the time and effort to learn about others. It could also suggest to speedy sex without substances nor sufficient foreplay.

Dream About Buying or Eating Lettuce
To dream that you are eating lettuce signifies your need for spiritual nourishment. You need to eat a more well balanced yet simple diet. Consider removing heavily processed food and replace it with fresh items from your diet, you might be able to achieve better health.

Dream About Lettuce Salad
To dream of lettuce salad without anything else represents simple choices that you will select, simply because you do not wish to bother anyone else. It could be a sign that you are not sensitive to other people’s wish. However, if the lettuce salad is full of dressing or other ingredients, it could instead point that you do not want to cause conflict, and you instead incorporate everyone’s ideas and thoughts into your projects.

Dream About Lettuce Outbreak Recall
Dreams of a recall after a lettuce e-coli outbreak, suggests that someone might be jealous of your simple and yet comfortable life. He or she may cause embarrassment to you and separate you from your lover or companion, perhaps through the means of infidelity. Be aware of seemingly innocent friends or acquaintances, as their hidden jealousy will cause you future distress and pain. Pay special attention to the friends of your spouses, and watch out for any relationship developments that appear out of ordinary.

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