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Shrimp Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. I wished for a beautiful bed in my dream but got a giant prawn and a big shrimp… After sometime I managed to throw them back into a clear pool filled with tourists… I really can’t fugure it out as what it has to do with my waking life..

  2. 8 months ago, i was crying my eyes out, cuz i had no job for too long and my mom was yelling at me on the phone, i was just crying and and crying and thinking about killing myself, till i slept, that night i dreamt a very strange dream, that included shrimps. Right now, i have a steady job with a very good salary, and will continue to grow hopefully 🙂

    I can see that from the interpretations of shrimps in this page, that there are several ones depending on the details, so i’ll explain more. hopefully, someone will give me more insight. I was on a really big ship, the ship was goin into a giant whirlpool, that is way bigger than the ship, but no one on the ship cared about that much, in fact, they used that to their benefit, there was big nets on both sides of the ship, to capture fish and shrimps, so the ship is going round and round, and the fishermen caught a great amount of shrimps, it made a big pile on the ship’s dock, i caught some from that pile in a bucket, and was so happy with myself. side note: i felt really short in that dream, it felt as if i was younger. anyway, i got the shrimps and wanted to go back into the ship, on the way in, i saw to men, one of which was the captain(i knew that somehow), he smiled at me on my way in. on the way in, there was a hole in the pathway, i almost didn’t see it, but i was careful enough. anyway, i kept walking, and ended up at grandma’s where i was currently at, i saw my mom, she was grilling some shrimps, not much, it looked like 5-8 shrimps being grilled, i knew i had a bucket full of those, but i somehow no longer do, i kept opening lockers and boxes looking for the shrimps i caught earlier, but couldn’t find it, in the mean time, my 2 sisters are fooling around, throwing crumpled paper at me for some reason :D, i threw back and we were laughing and that’s it.

  3. How about someone talks to you in your dream and said: “There are 4 DANGEROUS SHRIMPS and you need to be careful”.

    What does that mean? Response ASAP

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