Reindeer Dream Interpretation

Reindeers in dreams symbolize holidays, festivities, and the spirituality that will take you to where you need to be. Positive things will come into your life in the season of giving. You might soon encounter good news and new loves. In some cases, consider the dream of deer to get related interpretations on what reindeers might suggest. Below we will go through the most common reindeer related dreams.

Feeding Reindeer
Feeding reindeers in the dream remind you to stay true to your path. Pay attention to your sense of loyalty and do not be diverted for diversions. Follow the leaders or bosses even if they have made seemingly impossible decisions.

Eating Reindeer
Eating reindeers in the dream is a warning sign that you have let your ego stand in your way. You are killing and taking advantage of people who are loyal to you. You might be able to last through the upcoming turmoil, but your long term prospects might suffer as a result.

Riding a Reindeer Sled
To dream that you are riding through the snow or ice on a reindeer sled, suggests that you have a very specific plan and have mapped out journey to take you where you want to be.

White Reindeer
White reindeers in dreams indicates that you are faithful in performing your duties. Perhaps you are being or have a loyal friend who will help you through difficult times. As a result you might encounter a surprise in the form of a substantial gain.

Baby Reindeer
Baby reindeers in dream symbolize warmth, family, and togetherness with the ones who look up to you.

Big Reindeer
To see an alpha big reindeer that crosses your path in the dream, is a reminder that you are a born leader. People look to you for advice and direction. You are actively involved with your community and you love to guide others.

Reindeer Herd
To encounter a herd in the dream, reflects of your responsibilities and duties. Perhaps you need to face them again and accomplish what needs to be done.

Flying Reindeer
Flying reindeers in the dream as in magical Santa sled, means that you need to take a leap of faith. Believe that some things are possible. Trust in yourself and what your heart guides you, and you will be able to overcome any challenges.

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