Lighthouse Dream Interpretation

Lighthouse in your dream indicates a beacon of light and guidance during a difficult time. Perhaps you are lost inside a fog and do not know the exact direction that you should be going. Without proper guidance and location, you might soon run into trouble with how you deal with your emotions and the unknown.

Buying a Lighthouse
To see that you are buying a lighthouse, foretells that you will start a coaching and mentoring business. You will make a living by sharing and training other people with your valuable business and life experiences.

Lighthouse Falling
To dream that a lighthouse falling and crumbling due to earthquake or tsunami, indicates that you have lost your way and motivation. You are not properly trained to handle adverse and turmoil. Major negative life changes is upon you, and you will likely make bad and unethical decisions to survive.

Haunted Lighthouse
To see haunted lighthouse with ghosts and other monsters, reflect certain hidden dangers. Be aware of bad advice that you receiving in waking life. As they will come to haunt you when things start going bad.

Large Lighthouse
Large lighthouse in the dream symbolizes hope.

Small Lighthouse
Small lighthouse in the dream symbolizes signals.

Lighthouse Keeper
To dream about a lighthouse keeper or being one, foretells that you will be happy with a peace of mind. You will soon get advice from experienced and retired individuals who have seen all the big waves.

See a Lighthouse While Sailing
To dream about a lighthouse while on the ocean, foretells that you will no problems during your travel process. Your travels will make major marks and milestones in your life.

Visiting Lighthouse on Land
To visit a lighthouse landmark in the dream represents good luck. You will be able to observe and view storms before they happen. You will be able to be prepared for any disaster, and be ready to help those in need.

Abandoned Old Lighthouse
To dream about abandoned old lighthouse, points to you giving up of past relationship or projects. You or someone in your life has lost patience with you. He or she is not waiting for you to come back from your travel anymore. Someone whom you trust with your life is no longer there for you.

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