Trampoline Dream Interpretation

Jumping on a trampoline in the dream symbolizes the ups and downs of life. You will be able to bounce back up everything that you are down. However, you need to maintain your balance, be humble regardless of the circumstances in order to continue on. Below we will go over more trampoline related dream meanings.

Dream About Broken Trampoline
Broken trampoline in the dream is a sign that you will encounter a dud or failed project in the near future. You believe that you may make money and generate a better life, however your investments and efforts are likely to fail.

Dream About Falling Off Trampoline
Falling off a trampoline in a dream, is a sign that you may encounter failure due to your overconfidence and carelessness. You have gotten comfortable with your daily routines, and you may make certain unwanted mistakes due to lack of thinking.

Dream About Jumping from Trampoline to Trampoline
Dreaming about jumping from trampoline to trampoline, is a sign that you may be juggling various things or business at the same time. The dream represents that you are multitasking is extending yourself through various projects and events. Be careful about how you approach spending your time and energy, as you may experience even more ups and downs across your work, school, and family life.

Dream About Trampoline Tricks
To perform or see trampoline tricks like a basketball jump shot, is a tell for you to defy limitations and push boundaries. Learn new ways of doing things and challenge yourself continuously. You may accomplish amazing feats that you never thought were possible.

Dream About Rusted Trampoline
To dream about a rusted or old trampoline, foretells that you will have trouble making decisions. Because of your delay and hesitance to make the leap, you will be likely to fail at your task at hand.

Dream About Lying or Sitting on a Trampoline
Dreaming about sitting or lying on a trampoline, foretells that you will remain calm and cool amidst some turbulent times in the near future. You will likely to experience certain major happy ups and sad downs, but you will not feel nor react toward those events.

Dream About Playing on a Trampoline
A dream about playing and having fun on a trampoline or a trampoline park, is a sign that you are feeling happy, lighthearted, and child like. You are enjoying your life, family, and work right now.

Dream About Being on a Trampoline With Other People
Being on a trampoline with others, is a sign that you will experience the ups and downs together with your coworkers or family members. Pay attention to how they are doing and coordinate with them is crucial to your long term success. Synchronize your movements, actions, and thoughts, and you will enjoy the time spent together much more.

Dream About Other People Jumping on Trampoline
Seeing other people on the trampoline, indicates that you observe other people’s success and failures. Pay attention to how you feel, and perhaps you are jealous of lives that other people may be leading on social media or life in general.

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