Steam Iron Dream Interpretation

To see steam iron represents daily routine and preparation of that routine. You are conforming to fit in with work and society. Pay attention to the type of clothes that you are ironing, it could foretell that you are mentally preparing for an upcoming event specific to the suit or dress.

Dream About Ironing Clothes
To dream that you are ironing, signifies that you are taking an initiative about an issues. You are getting rid of wrinkles and disagreements with others, so that you could give out a good impression of trustworthiness.

Dream About Ironing Board
Ironing board in dreams signifies domestic support, comfort, and orderliness. You are utilizing household support in order to achieve your personal goals and ambitions.

Dream About Steam Ironing Other Objects
If your dreams involves anything other than clothes, also relate to how the items may be used in waking life. For example, if you are ironing bed sheets and linens, it indicates that you need to iron out difference and reconcile between you and significant other.

Dream About Buying a New Electric Steam Iron
Buying a new electric steam iron in the dream, indicates that you will spend and invest on ways and methodology to improve your own abilities and appearances. Perhaps you will partake on sales training that will improve the way that you communicate and close deals.

Dream About Getting Burned by Hot Iron
Dreaming that you got burned by hot iron, foretells that you will make a wrong choice by pushing your agenda and ideology to try to change others. Your attempts may backfire. Consider stop interfering into other people’s business.

Dream About Pressing Steam Iron on Nothing
To see an idle iron that is on and not doing anything, indicates that you have a boring and monotonous life. You are always on standby mode, and you miss out on all the fun and positive emotions.

Dream About Flat Hair Iron
To dream about a flat hair iron, indicates that you are trying to make things easier and unstress yourself. You are smoothing the way you appear to others, perhaps you are trying to appeal to others so that they could accept your ideas.

Dream About Heat Transfer Iron on Vinyl
To see yourself using the heat transfer technique with steam iron, suggests that you will share with an important piece of information and idea with others. And this information may transform the person’s life and save them from certain trouble. If the design is unclear or negative, it reflects that your message might be too vague or too harsh.

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