Refrigerator Dream Interpretation

Refrigerator by itself in dreams can suggest chilling personality or cold emotions. Perhaps you are trying to cool your self and your mind instead of going full speed with heat and passion. Depending on the condition or your actions with the refrigerator and how you interact with this appliance, the fridge related dream can be interpreted differently.

Dream About Moving Food In and Out of Refrigerator
The interpretation of the refrigerator dream can be different depending on the type of food that you place inside. Pay attention and try to remember what type of items appearing in your dream.

Dream of Placing Uncooked Grocery into Fridge:
The dream is telling you that you need to put your plans and goals on hold. Perhaps something that has come up that will stop you from achieving your short term projects.

Putting Cooked Items into Fridge:
The dream action signifies that you have accomplished what you have been subconsciously seeking. However, you cannot immediately enjoy it right away. You may have to enjoy your winnings another day and be patient.

Removing Food from the Refrigerator:
This dream action indicates that you are now ready to continue your life’s goals and plans. Your mind is telling you that you may be ready to restart something that you have long put off. However, it generally relates to a project that you did not have a passion for and did want to put off in the beginning. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you that it is time to try to eat healthier and exercise.

Dream About Refrigerator Conditions
Broken Fridge In Dream:
Seeing a broken fridge in the dream suggests that you need to be open to others. You can no longer bottle up your emotions or feelings by hiding and keeping them away. If you continue to place more thoughts or ideas into a “broken” fridge, things will quickly become rotten.

Very Full Fridge in Dream:
If you dream of a very full refrigerator, then it symbolizes your untapped resources. Perhaps you have all the resources needed to achieve your goals, you just have to look deeper and figure out what you do have. If you see a very full fridge yet still hungry in the dream, it suggests that you are unsatisfied with your life and your belongings, it may be time to rethink about your life’s purpose and goals.

Dream of an Empty Fridge:
An empty fridge from a dream suggests a lack of relationship status, or it could something basic yet materialistic that you are missing. Look into your waking life to see what is basic yet necessary is missing. You may need to restock on that fast or you might starve either spiritually or physically.

Dream About Other Refrigerator Actions
Dream About Being in a Fridge or Freezer:
Dreaming about trapped in a fridge, or someone else trapped in a fridge, suggests some form of trick and cold exchanges. You or someone might be planning something cold hearted and trying to hide his actions. The fridge or freezer symbolizes as a hiding place so that the lies will take some time to be seen.

However, if the dream features someone trapping you inside a big fridge, indicates someone might be lying to you.

Cleaning a Refrigerator In a Dream:
Dream about cleaning out old or left over food in a refrigerator, suggests that you need to focus on the tasks at hand and count your blessing. Stop trying to go after too many projects and goals, and end up accomplishing nothing except rotten pieces. Pay close attention to the food items that you are tossing out, and the final items that you end up working with or keeping. The fridge cleanup dream can offer you subtle clues about your true inner feelings towards certain goals. At the end, you want to feel fulfilled with what you have.

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