Pendulum Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Pendulum

Did you dream about the pendulum? The pendulum in dreams typically relates some form of decision-making and emotional state. Seeing a pendulum suggests that you or someone is making certain decisions. People are waiting for you to decide. Below we will interpret all the common pendulum-related dream actions. Understand how the dream meanings relate to the pendulum in waking life.

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Dream About Observing Pendulum

Dream About Swinging and Moving Pendulum
A swinging pendulum tool going from left to right; represents a period of being indecisive. Perhaps you are facing multiple choices. You are taking your time to consider. You do not know which way you are going to decide yet.

Dream About Perpetually Moving Pendulum
Seeing a pendulum perpetually moving without stopping or slowing down; reflects a feeble and unsettling character. You might be dealing with someone who is flaky. He or she changes his or her side or stance in a heartbeat. Be careful about them going against you at the last minute.

Dream About Steady Idle Pendulum
Dreaming about an idle pendulum reflects that you are not yet ready. You are sitting for the changes that are about to come. However, you do expect certain changes shortly. Pay attention to your emotions while encountering an idle pendulum. Are you ready to set it? Or do you want to avoid it? Your actions and reactions reflect your feelings and opinions regarding the incoming changes on the horizon.

Dream About Broken Pendulum

Dream About Pendulum Behaving Chaotically and Erratically
Dreams of a pendulum that moves erratically without any predictability; suggest that you are dealing with certain outside forces. They can alter the outcome of events greatly. Surprise obstacles or requests will soon face you. These will throw your course of action. We should note that the outside forces will generally result in bad interference.

Dream About Broken Pendulum
A broken pendulum in the dream signifies your broken rhythm of life. There might have been negative events in the recent past. They have hindered your ability to think and act with reason. It could be a family loss, funeral, divorce, tragedy, or accident. Consider spending some time to take a break and calm down. Rethink how you will proceed with waking life.

Dream About Interacting with Pendulum

Dream About Setting Pendulum in Motion
To set a pendulum in motion in the dream, portends you have signed to start an action or a project to set in motion. The dream is signaling that you understand your goals and course of action. You may find a trajectory in life soon.

Dream About Stopping Pendulums From Moving
To dream about stopping a moving pendulum; suggests that you are afraid of change. You are taking action to avoid any changes or potential decisions that you have to make. The dream portends your desire to stop ongoing projects. To satisfy your personal goals, agenda, and possibly fear.

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