Pencil Dream Interpretation

Pencil is a generally a dream symbol of new deeds and creativity, it could also represent the transmission of ideas and information. However, the information implied by pencil is usually easily faded away or hidden. We will help you interpret the most common pencil related dreams.

Dream About Pencil Case
A pencil case in the dream points to secrets that you are keeping or hidden away. These secrets are often untold and only known by you. Because of these secret knowledge that you hold, you have power and control over the people whose secrets that you hold.

Dream About Pencil Holder
To dream about pencil holder without actually doing anything with it, suggests that you have too many fleeting thoughts and ideas, yet you are unable to take any actions with them. It indicates that you are losing touch with your believes and wasting your time on the planning stage.

Dream About Pencil Sharpener
Seeing or using a pencil sharpener in the dream, foretells that you will encounter an “enabler” in the near future. This may be a person who propels you to go great things either directly or indirectly. For example a teacher who motivates you to learn more, a boss who pushes to work harder, or even husband, wife, or children who propels you to earn more money. In waking life the situation will lead to better luck and achievements due to these enablers that you encounter.

Dream About Lead Pencil
Dreaming about lead pencil suggests that you need to be flexible and gentle when it comes to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Only speak of your opinions at intended and appropriate times. If you do you will achieve wanted resulted, and if you do not you will prove your efforts to be wasted times that will be easily erased.

Dream About Pencil Drawing
When you have a dream about a pencil drawing, the drawing relates to how you spend your past time with your favorite entertainment. The dream actions relates to what brings you joy and fun.

Dream About Colored Pencil
Colored pencils in dreams are signs that you are going to experience new achievements and discoveries. You have the ability to create your own destiny and happiness.

Dream About Buying Pencils
Dreams of shopping for pencils, suggests that you have the artist talent, however, you will need to invest in your abilities and really put those talent to work. By being persistent with your endeavor, the artistic ability will bring you fame and fortune.

Dream About Using Pencils on a Test
Seeing pencils on a test, suggests that your ideas and believes will be put into the test. You will be in the hot spot to express your opinions and thoughts. You will be forced to take a side and make a correct choice of life. This decision may determine where you will go in the near future and determine your own heights and limits.

Dream About Spinning or Playing with Pencil
To spin or play with the pencil in the dreams, suggests that you should reconsider your views and change priorities. Deep down, you are not serious about the project or task at hand.

Dream About Broken Pencil
Seeing broken pencils in the dream, indicates that what you are afraid of will cripple you. The dream is a sign that your attempts at particular projects will result a few failures.

Dream About Black Pencil
Black pencil in dreams relate to confidence, you are on your way to happiness and prosperity. However, you have to that opportunity and dominion tightly within your grasp.

Dream About Sharpening a Pencil
Sharpening a pencil in the dream suggests that you will improve your work and produce more results from your work. You are bettering your crafts and skills to conduct your work and studies.

Dream About Eating Pencil
Dreaming of eating or biting into pencil, predicates that you will have to make a life changing decision in the future. You will have to put everything that you have learned into work in order to achieve your dreams, or you could give it up and swallowing your own ambitions.

Dream About Mechanical Pencil
Seeing mechanical pencils could relate some form of betrayal due to stressful situations. There may be leak of important secrets or even affairs, important information or person will be passed around and leave long lasting marks and changes.

Dream About Makeup Pencil
Dreams of makeup pencils, indicates that it is time to pay attention to your own appearances. Perhaps your existing look is not working well and the dream suggests that you to make certain changes and alterations to your makeup process.

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