Microphone Dream Interpretation

Microphone in you dream suggests that you need to be more assertive and forceful with your believes and opinion. Pay less attention to how people view you and speak out your mind. Below are more dream interpretations with microphones.

Dream About Giving a Microphone
If you dream about giving microphone to someone else, it suggests that you should spend more time to listen to others. Pay more attention to someone who wants to be heard.

Dream About Singing with Microphone
To dream about singing with microphone, represents that you need to express yourself in a big way, however, it needs to be done with a mutual language that other people could understand. You will have to play to other people’s emotions to get your point across.

Dream About Given a Microphone
Dreaming about someone giving a microphone to you, indicates that he is ready to listen to you about your issues.

Dream About Wireless Microphone
Dreaming about wireless microphone represents influence and unseen authority. You or someone might be trying to assert their influence without being seen as such.

Dream About Microphone Feedback
To dream about microphone feedback, represents that you have been too strong with your message. It will backfire on you.

Dream About Dropping a Microphone
Dropping a microphone in the dream, indicates the end of a discussion or negotiation. You have given up or simply stopped trying to get your message across. Your chance to say your opinion might be over.

Dream About Hidden Microphone
A dream featuring hidden microphones, is a sign that you need to be extra careful of what you say in the waking life. Someone is secretly judging your words without your knowledge. What you say might be used against you if you are not careful.

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