Air Conditioning Conditioner Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about air conditioner or units? They indicate that you need to cool down a bit. Perhaps you are getting in heated discussion or decision with others, consider backing off a little bit and continue when things cool down. Below we will interpret more AC related dreams.

Table of Content

  1. Installing or Replacing an AC Unit
  2. Air Conditioner Being Too Cold or Freezing
  3. Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air
  4. Broken Air Conditioner Not Working
  5. Air Conditioning Air Duct
  6. Wall or Window Air Conditioning Unit
  7. Air Conditioning Unit Falling Off Window
  8. Vehicle Air Conditioning
  9. Leaking Air Conditioning Machine

Dreaming About Installing or Replacing an AC Unit

To dream that you are installing or getting a new air conditioning unit, is a bad omen suggesting that your passion and love will subside soon. You may no longer feel the heated passion as you once did. Perhaps the honeymoon period is over and you are feeling exhausted.

Dream About Air Conditioner Being Too Cold or Freezing

Dreaming that the Air Conditioning that is overpowered freezing or too cold, suggests that you are not able to relax and breathe freely. You are worried about a situation turning too cold, and you will have a hard time getting through. Things might freeze up and become hard to navigate.

Dream About Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

To dream about air conditioner unit blowing off hot air, suggests that your attempts to cool down arguments or conflicts may back fire. The dream foretells that your seeming reasonable attempts to cool situation, may make situations or relationships become more heated.

Dream About Broken Air Conditioner Not Working

To dream about a non working air conditioner because its broken or have bad remote, indicates that your unwillingness to relax. You may be too high strung in life either with or without your control. You will not be able to relax because the situation keeps on getting worse some how.

Dream About Air Conditioning Air Duct

Air duct for air conditioning in dreams, represents your outlets to express your feelings. It represents how you channel and control your emotions towards every day life. If the air duct is dirty or clogged, it suggests that you have trouble getting your point across. You have hard time conveying how you feel to others.

Dream About Wall or Window Air Conditioning Unit

To see a wall or window air conditioning unit in the dream, indicates that a new job prospects are coming in the near future. Certain part of your life will become heated, and you will need to shift your focus in your day to day life. Be aware of being emotionally drained if you overwork yourself, take on tasks and responsibilities that you could handle, and you will enjoy the financial gain that comes with it much more.

Dream About Air Conditioning Unit Falling Off Window

Dreaming about an AC unit falling off window or side wall of building, indicates that you will be hurt by somebody’s actions in the past. The consequence suffered will be unexpected and surprising. Be aware of loopholes and shortcuts that have taken in the past, as these past troubles might damage you in the present.

Dream About Vehicle Air Conditioning

To dream about air condition for a vehicle, refers to your freedom to ease in and out of situations in life. If the air condition inside the car works well, it is a sign that you will be able to adapt into any sort of life situations. If the car AC does not work, it foretells that you will be feeling uncomfortable moving forward, especially when things get heated up.

Dream About Leaking Air Conditioning Machine

A leaking air conditioner machine, indicates difficulties with others, specifically when you try to help. You will give advice and suggestions to others, in hopes that it will cool down their temper. However, they might take your advice but still get offended at the end. Make sure to cover all your bases and leave no hard feelings.

Dream About Air Conditioner

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