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  1. I for some reason keep dreaming about me being a charmander. Every time i have a dream about pokemon it always appears that way. do you have a explanation?

  2. I once saw a long, blond haired pokemon trainer in one of my dreams. It looked kinda like Lillie from the recent Alola series, but this was before 2015 even. Any ideas on what it may mean?

    (Also, it felt like his eyes were staring into my thoughts.)

  3. So a friend of mine…not me. Had a dream that they were an actual poke ball. In the dream (of the person who is definitely not me) they asked what it meant that they were a poke ball and why poke ball was spelled with 8 letters. The dream told them that “it had no meaning.” Obviously this can’t be true, and it has to mean something for my friend…who again..is not me. Any ideas or explanations??

    Also, don’t know if this helps but my friend’s feet are size 10.5.

  4. So, this one was a nightmare, and it was very bad for me.At about 7 am today, I was dreaming of Ash and Pikachu being on an island.

  5. This is a bad one, So. My dream was about 7 am and it was very scary for me as a fan of Indigo League. In the dream, I was on a tropical island watching Ash Ketchum aim an M16 at Pikachu. In the dream I was frozen in place so there was nothing I could do. I saw two pitch black people go up to ash and say “Shootem.” As soon as they said that, he fired the round into his head, and the pitch black characters throw his body around. I need help with what his dream means and how to prevent it. After they threw Pikachu Around I woke up scared as hell, and looking it up on YouTube to see if it was real. Thankfully it wasn’t but that scared me for the whole day.

  6. Had an odd dream that I was just running around with a large herd of pokemon and there were lots of them but but none were hostile. We were all just running in the same direction under a starry sky.
    If I were trying to identify them the one’s that were closest to me seemed to be mammoswine, pigeot, xatu and some sort of cross between Gyrados and Magikarp …the rest seemed to be a bunch of Tauros Buffolant. Not sure what’s up with that.

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