Pokemon Dream Interpretation

Pokemon is in essence a social game that you could play to be a part of your social circle. If you have played Pokemon related video games during recent times, it could be a simple reflection of your real life experiences. However, if you have just started dreaming about Pokemon themed dreams, they can play into specific dream meanings depending on the context.

During the dream, consider the type of pokemon that you have encountered. Your emotions and impressions towards certain Pokemon and character can make a difference to your dream interpretations.

If the dream is about you becoming a Pokemon, think about how you feel about the qualities of those Pokemon, it suggests that you wish others to view you with those qualities. You want to be set apart from others.

Below we will go through some of the most common Pokemon related dreams. Always take into consideration the “Pokemon” that actually appear in your dream and how you feel about those creature. For example, if you view Pikachu as a cute being, Pikachu as a Pokemon in your dream will relate to innocence and cuteness.

Dream About Pokemon Actions
Dream About Catching and Training Pokemon
Capturing and training for a specific Pokemon in the dream, suggest that you are nurturing specific part of your personality and skills. You have begin to realize certain qualities that you possess and you are now realizing them.

Dream About Fighting in Pokemon Gyms
Fighting against Pokemon Gyms against their leaders, suggest that you have an upcoming obstacle ahead of you. You are challenge yourself and the status quo to push your self to the next level. The next chapter of your life may be on the horizon and you are fighting hard for the outcome.

Dream About Pokemon Badges or Achievements
Dreams of Pokemon badges or achievements such as “Pokemon Master” that has caught them, represent your desire to be recognized for your accomplishments. Perhaps you have accomplished something that you are extremely proud of, but you have receive very little recognition. You cannot wait to tell others what you may have done.

Dream About Pokemon Breeding or Fusion
Depending on the context of Pokemon breeding or fusion, it can be interpreted differently. If you are new and just breeding Pokemon for fun, it suggest that you are experimenting with new attitudes to your life. You are testing out various skills in different environments to see how you fare. If the dream featuring hardcore breeding to achieve max amount of CP or other stats, it reflects your ideology to achieve perfection.

Dream About Pokemon Fighting
When the dream focuses on the “fighting” part of Pokemon training, consider the context of fights that occur. The fighting part suggests some forms of conflict that you may have with others in real life. For example, if you are a trainer fighting against a family member. It means that certain opinions or ideas that you have has clashed with theirs.

Dream About Pokemon Related Items
Dream About Pokemon Cards
Dreaming about Pokemon cards represent some of the unique possessions or qualities that you have. Perhaps you are taking note of your abilities and plan out your future moves. If the dream focuses on trading the Pokemon Cards, it suggest that you are in the market to “trade” your skills for other people’s services.

Dream About Pokemon Games
Pokemon games are divided into various generation on different devices like Gameboy or GBA such as Alpha Sapphire, Blue, Black, Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, Emerald, or the more recent mobile title such as Pokemon Shuffle or Pokemon Go. Consider the period of time that you are going through while playing this titles. You might have encountered certain triggers in your mind that reminds you of those times.

Dream About Pokemon Episodes or Movies
Consider the events that occur in the TV episodes or movies that you have dreamed about. Your mind is drawing connection to the events that has happened in the scenes. Perhaps you have had some real life experiences that you can learn from the episodes. For example, the episode may be about adventure, friendship, or that you will eventually prevail and achieve your definition of victory.

Dream About Pokemon Hacks
Dreaming about hacking pokemon or looking for cheats, suggest that you are looking for acceptance within your social circle. However, you might be trying too hard to be a part of the group. You might be doing or sayings things that you do not agree yourself.

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