Turkey Dream Interpretation

Live and wild turkey in your dream typically indicates that you or someone is being foolish. If you are trying to catch or contain the turkey, it reflects that you want to keep the silliness and nonsense of your life in check. In your dream, take into consideration the context of seeing Turkeys and your actions or feelings toward them to help you interpret the dream.

When the dream features you eating a cooked whole turkey, it represents Thanksgiving and a time of togetherness and family. To dream about cooking or basting a turkey, it suggest the actions that you are doing, to prepare and put together your family. Good fortune and times will rise after long period of hard work and preparation.

However, when the dream focuses on eating a turkey product like sliced turkey for a sandwich, or leftover Turkey, it suggests that you are placing your family second and whatever else you are doing in the dream first. For example, if the dream is about having lunch at work and eating a turkey sandwich, it suggests that you are placing your work and career ahead of your family.

Sick or Dead Turkey:
Dream about sick or dead denotes an attack to your pride, perhaps you have been freely and open to express your “silly” or funny side, only to be shot down by others.

Flying Turkey
To see a flying turkey in your dream, foretells of a rapid rise a position of prominence. However, the rise can be seen as highly unlikely. Most people will reason it as ridicule and disbelief.

Caged Turkey or Feeding Turkey
Dreams about a caged turkey where you are feeding it as a bird, indicates that business that you are growing. The dream indicates good profits and fortunes if you can grow the turkey well for a full harvest.

Hunting or Shooting a Turkey
To dream that you are hunting or shooting a turkey, means that you are acquiring your riches through dishonest means. Consider the places where you are conducting the hunt to get an idea of the potential source of profit.

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