Scream Dream Meaning

Did you dream about screaming? It points to anger, fear, and powerful emotions. You have kept strong emotions pent up inside. The dream alarms for a moment where you will break down and release that powerful emotion. A situation will soon take you by surprise. And you will desperately communicate your disbelief.

Dream About Unable to Scream
To dream that you try to scream but no sound comes out; points to your sense of helplessness and frustration. You try to get someone’s attention but will soon be ignored.

Dream About Screaming at Someone
To dream that you are screaming at someone; suggests that you have difficulty communicating with this person. Consider gathering your thoughts and courage to confront this person in waking life.

Dream About Someone Screaming
Dreaming about someone screaming; indicates that someone in your waking life is in need of your help. You are overly worried about others. Perhaps deep down you worry about the safety and wellbeing of the people screaming within the dream.

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