Badminton Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Badminton

To dream about badminton indicates that you need to make decisions quickly. You need to integrate your decision making on what other people do. Be reactive and anticipate other people’s moves in order to succeed in waking life. Make calculated risks and base your decisions on your strengths and weakness like chess. The key is to be flexible and quick with your projects. Badminton dreams can always relate to the actual sport if you are physically playing it in waking life.

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Dream About Watching Badminton Game

Watching badminton in the dream indicates that you are a spectator in waking life. You are looking at people around you make snapping quick decisions. However, it is hard for you to fully understand their reasoning without being a part of the game.

Dream About Broken Badminton Racket

Broken Badminton racket indicates an unbearable and unkind personal relationship. You won’t be able to perform because you are mentally unfit to continue.

Dream About Badminton Racket

To dream that you are fixing or buying a new badminton racket, is a sign that you will work hard to find someone who is highly supportive of your endeavors.

Dream About Studying or Using Badminton Strategy

If the dream features you trying different badminton exchange strategies, pay attention to the tactics used. Are you taking advantage of your height differences? Hitting to badminton opponent’s back hand? Or being on the offensive or defense? These details offer you valuable details on how to proceed with waking life business or career negotiations.

Dream About Badminton Birdie

To dream badminton birdie flying, indicates that you need to make a decision quickly to find the best angle and tactic to approach the passing issue. If you are not fast enough, the opportunity is going drop off the map.

Dream About Badminton Court

Being on a badminton court inside a gym in the dream without playing, suggests imaginative but unrealistic goals in life. Perhaps you have the mindset or infrastructure in place, but you will need to play it to win it.

Dream About Too Windy for Badminton Play

To dream about adverse weather affecting your ability to play badminton, implies that you might be trying to move forward in a bad situation. Your ability will be seriously hindered by outside factors. However, you also have to take into consideration that your opponent is also hindered. The dream hints that you can win simply by adapting better than your competitors amidst bad situations.

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