Ninja Shinobi Dream Interpretation

To see a sneaky ninja in the dream relates to unknown and suspicious intentions. Pay attention to how and why ninjas act and react in your dream. The clues will offer helpful clues to help you interpret your waking life circumstances. Below are more specific ninja dream interpretations to guide you.

Dream About Being a Ninja
Dreaming about being a ninja indicates your passive aggressive behavior. You wish to avoid direct confrontation with others, but at the same time you wish to have power over others. The dream suggests that you will do or say things behind other people’s backs, so that you could achieve your end goals.

Dream About Ninja Training
Training to become a ninja in the dream, suggests that you feel that your current efforts are in vain. However, life is teaching and preparing you with lessons and skills. Even if those capabilities may seem trivial and unclear, they may save you some day in the future.

Dream About Being Attacked or Chased by Ninjas
To be attacked or chased by a ninja in the shadows, is indicative that someone wishes you ill. You may try your best to avoid the ill wishes, but you do not know when the negative actions will take place. Try to look around your social circle to see if there were seeded jealousy and revenge that you are simply not aware of.

Dream About Ninja Star or Shuriken
Wielding ninja stars or shurikens in the dream, portrays that some deep anger persists. Learn to channel your anger well can propel to new highs if you are able to turn that energy into positive actions with discipline. However, be aware of letting your anger run rampant, it could deal unrepairable damage to yourself and ones around you.

Dream About Ninja Stealing Objects
Dreaming about a ninja stealing something, represents that you know exactly what to do to deal with a specific problem. However, you need to execute perfectly without broadcasting your actions. With that you will be able to find the perfect solution to your problem undetected, and other people will not think ill of you if they do not find out. However, you may be in trouble if your actions become known, regardless if your intentions were good or bad.

Dream About Being a Part of a Team of Ninjas
To be a team of ninjas, signifies the need to be a part of the team. You need to be disciplined, committed, and loyal to your social circle. Consider fighting the same cause wholeheartedly, and your team will be able to succeed.

Dream About Someone You Know is a Ninja
If you see someone as a ninja in the dream, it suggests that you are cautious about someone in your waking life. You are uncertain about their character and motives. You feel that they have certain secrets that they are hiding from you.

Dream About Being Saved by Ninja
To be saved or rescued by ninja in dreams, suggests that there are protective forces in your waking life. Chances are that you are taking these figures in your life for granted. However, they work in the shadows and will step to help you in times of need. Count on your loyal friends and families during unexpected times.

Dream About Ninja Girl or Kunoichi
Dreaming about Kunoichi or ninja girls, suggests that you need to pay attention to the female power in your waking life. These women may not show any strength or fighting power from the first impressions, but they do have the strength within them, and they are not afraid to fight when the time is right.

Dream About Ninja War or Ninja Battle
To dream about an all out ninja war and battles, suggests that you will be fighting aggressively over your territory. Perhaps you have certain unspoken rules or boundaries over how you want certain things to be done, someone in your waking life appears to be breaking that boundary.

Dream About Ninja Dressed in White
Seeing a ninja dressed in white in the dream, suggests that there are outer forces who are trying to manipulate you into certain actions. Be aware of sales or promotions that are designed to make you spend more money that you wanted.

Dream About Ninja Turtles
Dreams of mutant ninja turtles, suggests that you will receive protection from unexpected sources. Someone whom you have always protected and cared for, may stand up for you in the near future.

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