Pacifier Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about pacifiers? Pacifier in dreams refers to emotional nurturance and a desire to return to earlier childhood with fewer responsibilities and demands. Perhaps things are getting too tough and you want a simpler lifestyle. You are trying to find ways and methods to calm your self from the chaos.

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Dream About Using Pacifier

Dream About Sucking on a Pacifier
To suck on a pacifier in the dream at a social setting; implies that you might be barking up a wrong tree. Stop trying to suck up to the wrong person in waking life. Your efforts to please someone will be seen as immature and useless.

Dream About Giving a Pacifier
To give a pacifier to someone in the dream; symbolizes that you will have to call someone who will act immature and like a baby. Perhaps you will encounter unreasonable clients and coworkers. They will act like big babies to you. The dream indicates that you will try your best to deal with and calm down their tantrums.

Dream About Seeing Pacifiers

Dream About Baby Pacifier
To dream about baby pacifier lying around, symbolizes that you are trying to ignore deeper emotional issues. You are looking for some obvious escapes that will distract you for a while. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a good time out for you to contemplate how to proceed without being too emotional.

Dream About Pink or Light Blue Pacifier
To see a pacifier focused on its color in either pink or light blue, foretells a newborn in your family. Or it could relate to the youngest additions of your family. Perhaps someone in your family is young and still needed to be treated like a baby.

Dream About Dirty Pacifier
Dirty pacifiers in dreams, refer to the bad habits that you use to calm yourself down. Perhaps you are stuck with certain obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as biting your nails, and washing your hands. You have certain rituals that you use without it being rewarding or purposeful. However, you still do them because they offer you some sort of physical or emotional comfort. Your obsessiveness is likely to cause harm to your other routines.

Dream About Pacifiers

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