Asphalt Dream Interpretation

Seeing asphalt in dreams typically represent some form of understanding or grasp of a situation. By understand and laying out the proper groundwork, you will have better chance of prosperity and abundance. Below are more asphalt related dream interpretations in detail.

Dream About Walking on Smooth Asphalt Surface
To dream of walking on a smooth asphalt surface suggest that you will get a profitable and stable job. Your job will give you a level of ease, tranquility, and contentment. Your goal is to try as hard to keep your status quo.

Dream About Uneven Asphalt Surface
Uneven asphalt roads in dreams symbolize disappointments and unwanted turbulence. The dream signals that you will experience a temporary yet low period in your life. You will face big upsets that will dampen your mood. Consider going slow during this period of chaos, or you may make decisions which you will regret later.

Dream About Dirty or Unclean Asphalt Surface
Seeing a dirt covered and unclean asphalt road in the dream cautions you against approaching some unpleasant and humiliating situation. Look out for potential pitfall or traps that my taint your reputation. However, the dream also suggests that the bad times will past shortly.

Dream About Laying Asphalt Road
Laying asphalt road in dreams suggests that you are working on make an area of your life permanently easier. Perhaps it could be streamlining parts of your life, or finding additional help that make your life easier.

Dream About Getting Stains From Asphalt
Dreaming about getting stains from asphalt road, suggests that you are easily affected by the negativity in your environment. The dream signals that you do not take negative remarks lightly and you remember those to your heart. Because of this mentality, an other wise easy journey becomes a path with thousands of obstacles and misfortunes. Consider taking other people’s thought and advice lightly, while treading forward in your path.

Leaving Footprints in Fresh Asphalt
Dreams of leaving footprint or setting foot on fresh asphalt, suggests that you will be offered some new work or project. You will be able to leave long last marks with this new position. Be prepared to answer the call and work as hard you could to accept such a proposal. Be careful about messing up the work, you may end up leaving a permanent negative impression on your reputation.

Dream About Playing on Asphalt
To play or sit idle on asphalt, suggests that you are generally satisfied with your life. You have achieved formula of success, but remember to keep your eyes open at the sight of trouble. The dream portends that you are at a good place in life.

Dream About Repairing Asphalt
To repair broken potholes or cracked asphalt in dream, signals that you need to rearrange your priorities. It may not be reasonable for you to keep on pushing your priorities, as there are other important factors that you are overlooking. Consider combing through your life and look for any weaknesses, fix them and you will find your forward path more smooth and successful.

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