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Bull Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I had a dream that a brownish red bull was fighting other bulls. One by one it was killing other bulls when it finished it came after me. So I jumped up on a ledge on a wall and hugged it. It came up to me and kept smelling me . as if it was trying to figure out if I was alive or not. As if it couldn’t see me. For the longest time, it kept snorting at my back. Then I woke up

  2. I had a dream (it is now 4:30 am..it woke me up.) and my bf and I were driving down a road and there was a brown bull, a large bull, standing in the middle of the road..we were deciding on what food we wanted to get. Then bang! I woke up in sweat.

  3. Had a dream of a huge black bull (10x bigger) with scars on its left side of its body, it spoke to me and asked me why are you afraid of me. It shape shifter into a human and wrote me a check for 250,000.00 dollars. And asked me if I was still afraid, my reply was yes.

  4. I dreamed of going to someone’s house with some of my family and looking out their back windows and seeing a large pasture of bulls grazing and then I looked at the horizon and it was black with storms, which I shortly realized was several tornados coming my direction. The bulls all started running for cover of some sort and that’s the point when I did too, grabbing my family but then no one would listen to me and just Kneeled down right next to the window (?! I was like are u all stupid?!) but then the worst of it never came. The tornadoes just dissipated out of nowhere.

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